#828 – No mushrooms were harmed

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nintendo mario princess rosalina ecchi crossover
Was rewriting old posts, I found about a project named “Take my clothes” I talked about in November 2013, the idea was Rosalina cosplaying herself as other characters but this one never started. At last on the positive side, compared to other projects this one haven’t die… ^^’
Had to install windows 7 but not that use and fan of it, Windows 10 had some featured I enjoyed a lot to work but at last my NAS is back and I discover so much old but great content. Just cleaning it a bit to add my new files I deleted some folders I didn’t wanted to… Naaah… T_T


Considering this is a yuri project, I was at start a bit frustrated with solo illustration that are kinda 25% of the content I post but finally, even if Rosalina isn’t pairing with another lady she’s the most important and it’s always so powerfull to see her, even more in sexy illustrations like this one made by TrC450. Everything to be enthusiastic with this so lovely as ravishing illustration won during a raffle but there is a sad point since TrC450 is suspended at the time I’m writing this post, I hope it’s temporary
Of course I do love every Rosalina art, even more sexy or kinky stuff but this one really have nice things, love how TrC450 managed the softness and gravity on Rosalina’s breasts, look really realistic that I wonder if he used a model. Not just the breasts are cool then, cute face, sweet pussy and great pov with high heels touch turn evey part gorgeous, of course some parts can be improved like shading and details with her crown so I really hope TrC450 was able continue draw and practice, please guys tell me if you find this man again. °o°

Artist: TrC450 / Cost: Raffle prize
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