#385 – Spirou – Melusine

Was really busy working on the video yesterday and missed to add a new post. More than 4 hours to add subtitles that’s soooo long. In fact the main problem is not really there is so much to do but thta’s the first time I do that and I’m not really fast. I’m close to the end and I hope I’ll finish it today so prepare yourself, it must come soon… Oh yeah… ^^

Also, Mavruda finished December wallpaper that you can see on the right. This time there is no soft version because he was really busy but it’s still an excellent piece. The idea was that each anal bead have a number from 1 to 24 and Meryl will remove one each day. Of course, the last for christmas.


After sexy duos with Bad girl from No more heroes (here) and Elesa from pokemon (here), EpicSubterfuge come again with a lovely duo and decided to pair Rosalina and Melusine from Spirou magazine. He asked me what girls will never have a chanceto be choosed and at the end he decided to pick Melusine. A lovely witch from a french children comic. In fact I hope if english people know her. Guys, who already heard about Melusine?

I love this illustration, they are so beautifull, Rosalina a little shy and Melusine more pervert but they sure will have a tender and fun moment together. This is an excellent and unexpected piece. I thought this duo will never happen and that’s so powerfull to see it become true… EpicSubterfuge did an excellent job and I hope people you like it guys… °w°

For a request the more important as me is the artist have fun and freedom so I always let him free to pick the girl he would love to draw with Rosalina. sometimes I talk about the wishlist but first time I have to suggest the less famous characters I want to see with Rosalina. there is some other girls here I added as memory but EpicSubterfuge was really surrpising and powerfull. thanks so much my friend…. (^o^)/

Don’t hesitate to take a look to EpicSubterfuge‘s gallery on dviantart (here) but also to his comic “Troll girl”. That’s a really nice and interesting series, Just take a look and maybe let him a little comment, it’s the best thing an artist can expect. Oh yeah…

Artist: EpicSubterfuge / Request
Webcomic: http://trollgirl.thecomicseries.com

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Added to wishlist: Aisaka taiga and kawashima ami from Taradora! (see it here)

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