#322bis – Final Fantasy – Tifa Lockhart N°3

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I’m back, sorry about this silence but I was really bad after this accident. It didn’t hurt me physically but it’s not the same thing for the car. I just found a job for a month and finally half will be to fix it so that’s really annoying. I hope you understand it was impossible for me to think about something else during the week-end… Damn, still think about this moment and it was a stupid accident… So stupid… U_u

The blog restart with a new girl and also an other participant to the event Your dream by Mavruda. 20 day left before the end of the event but don’t hesitate to participate guys, it’s not here than you will have problem submitting some dirty ideas… you can be sure I love dirty ideas… Oh yeah… °w°


Damn, I totally forget than I didn’t published all illustrations for the Rosalina x girl contest who happened two month ago. The drawing can’t be on the counter untill he have his own post and there is 7 waiting after this one, I have to hurry… U_u

I sure everybody know tifa, she’s one of my favorite F.F. character and seem to be really famous like all sexy fanarts I saw of her. she finally decided to join rosalina again and now they “are spending quality time together in Rosalina’s bedroom“. This beautifull drawing was a colab into GojiraMon for the line and Leebaby44 who colored it. Don’t hesitate take take a look to theirs galleries, there is a lot of powerfull illustrations… °w°

I love this drawing, they are so beautifull, adorable and sensual. Lot a details, a great background and adding a funny touch with Mario and Cloud the result is epic. I was really sad this piece didn’t won a prize, so much lovely and talented artists who contributed, I added prizee to give more but can make a prize per artist… Bwaaaa… T_T

GojiraMon made an amazing line with a lot of details and ideas so Leebaby44 had to keep everything with the colorationbut also add his own touch and style to make the drawing epic. A hard challenge but as you can see they sucesseed and I hope you like it guys. Now GojiraMon is working on a little One Piece comic and Leebaby44 opened commissions so don’t hesitate to take a look and give them your support and feedback… Oh yeah…

Artist: GojiraMon and Leebaby44 / Cost: special (contest)
Leebaby44: http://leebaby44.deviantart.com
GojiraMon: http://gojiramon.deviantart.com

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