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Less than 20 day left before the event Your dream by… Don’t forget than you are free to suggest what you love and Mavruda will draw the illustration if he love the idea… Why not let your dream come true? You can also talk to the event to your friend… Oh yeah… ^^

At startI wanted to make an introduction a little more ironic for people who never take the time to read and visit the blog but after all, if they didn’t read it must be stupid to talk to them… so instead of a stupid joke it’s a huge thanks to all people who stopped here… You are amazing guys.

And once again, don’t forget to participate to the event
(See, I found how to make a flickering link… XD)


An other illustration from the Rosalina x girl contest who happened in June before start alterning with newest drawings for the next publications. Don’t know how announce to artists that the publication is done but also really late without reason, if maybe there is someone who want to note MDVillarreal it must be really helpfull. Though I have to do it myself, it’s my fault after all… U_u

So after an tender moment with Tifa Rosalina is now back to her universe and you can be sure Nintendo also have really powerfull girls. Rosalina met Peach a lot but also didn’t forget the last princess of the mushroom kingdom and have now an intimate moment with daisy. It’s a huge thanks and congrat to MDVillarreal for this amazing piece. An other great illustration who didn’t had the chance to win at the contest but as you can see MDVillarreal did an excellent job, I love the result… °w°

Rosalina and Daisy look really amazing with MDVillarreal style. If you remember the original style of them from Nintendo games they now look more mature and adult, also more realistic like these two girls can be true (sound lovely)… They are beautifull, strong and really expressive (not horny but pervert). It’s like they were caught but it’s don’t seem to be a problem… XD

Once again MDVillarreal thanks so much for your participation and really sorry for this late publication. I have some Rosalina x Daisy illustration but as always new artist and new style made illustrations totally different than all existing in the blog… This once was an amazing surprise, that’s so powerfull… (^o^)/

Artist: MDVillarreal / Cost: special (contest)

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