#348 – Solo – It fits

Didn’t notice it before but the counter at the bottom reached 300.000 pageviews. Damn, first time I reached 100k was an amazing surprise, never expected I can have stats like this and now the counter still look so incredible for me. don’t have so many views per day than other really powerfull blogs but thanks to all who stopped here… ^^

I hope you saw that Your dream by… started again with a new edition. Now it’s an incredible artist and also good friend who will make a dream come true: Mavruda. He have a pay site (mydirtydrawing.com) and when you become a member for a month you can ask a request to Mavruda so I joined for a month (14.95$) and will use it for the event. Don’t hesitate guys, for this price you have access to a great site and a free request, That’s powerfull… ^^


Didn’t expected there is so much talented artists in the world, so much who contributed to the blog and it’s not the end, now it’s the lovely chefwataw who accepted to participate to the project with a so adorable and sexy Rosalina pin-up… Though not sure if the pin-up word can work in this situation but it’s still an amazing illustration… I hope you like it guys… Don’t hesitate to take a look to chefwataw profile, he/she (don’t know in fact… U_u)… So chefwataw have a really amazing style, and draws girl so lovely like the little mermaid but also damn sexy like hum… Rosalina… and as other example there is the Lovely Siamese.

Chefwataw art have so much great surprises but sometimes due to deviantart rules some drawings have to be censored. D.a. start to be really crazy and dangerous for hentai artists and insertion must be censored or the drawing is deleted (after a bastard report it). If you want to see the full versions you must take a look to chefwataw tumblr account but if you want the link… ah ah… You have to find it on chefwataw profile. Don’t worry it will be easy and you must love the result… Oh yeah… °w°

Thanks so much for this adorable, original and so sexy Rosalina… You did an amazing piece chefwataw. I love this lingerie and clothes in reference to the original Rosalina’s dress and these transparents effects are also amazing… Sexy clothes, great pose, some action and a lovely face… She’s gorgeous… XD

Artist: Chefwataw / Cost: 0$ (request)

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