#347 – Wreck-It Ralf – Sergeant Calhoun N°2

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Some news about the blog, if you look at the right you can see that the button for the Pyjama party by Merethide disappeared. Now I’m sure the project wont see the light but it must be so stupid to simply delete it… Really want to restart a comic project a day, Merethide idea was amazing but everything can’t be perfect.

So a new pages appeared now: Archives. You can find in the one the pyjama party and the first edition of Your dream by… A new one will start Monday with Mavruda, are you ready to let him your suggestions guys? Can’t wait to be tomorrow… °w°


The previous post celebrated the 200th girl who meet Rosalina, tomorrow will be the start of a new event so in the middle no choice that show an amazing illustration by the talented Donouaih. If you love shemale or female domination you must take a look at his gallery…

I hope everybody know Wreck-It Ralph, the movie is great, really funny and there is also a damn beautifull and sexy girl: Sergeant Calhoun. It’s the second time she appear with Rosalina, first was by oOPink-NinjaOo for the contest on deviantart (see it here) and now she’s back with Donouaih. Sergean Calhoun is really amazing , that’s so powerfull see her again… (^o^)/

In the first drawing by oOPink-NinjaOo, you can see Sergeant Calhoun having some fun with Rosalina and we can imagine she’s a futa and it perfetly work with Donouaih‘s illustration. Calhound had so much fun with her new toy and she have now to fix it. She found a perfect husband and can enjoy Rosalina ass as she want… Poor Rosalina… °w°

This is a marvelous illustration, … Sexy girls, naughty face, lot of cum, high heels and a little joke in reference to the movie… I love Rosalina, nice pose, views, expressive face and so much cum pouring from her ass… This time we are not close to the really beautifull and innocent Rosalina who helped Mario… Lucky she had a little training with the Wii Fit trainer before… XD

Artist: Donouaih / Cost: 0$ (request)

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