#346 – Avatar The Last Airbender – Korra

Sorry for the lack of updates, I know there is a lot to do but for the moment I’m really busy and not enough forces to updates and really work on the blog. Don’t worry guys, I’m not dead and won’t let the blog die too. Generally it’s a new illustration each 2 day, 3 when I’m busy and 1 when I have super power. sometimes it happen. Sometimes. XD

The Pyjama party project must move, there is a long time it’s frozen and the artist lost interest to draw (some troubles with her too) but do you think I will let the slot empty… Of course not… A new project is comming. In fact it wont be really a project but more like a new subject.

Any ideas guys… Don’t hesitate let a comment or suggestion… XD
By the way, it won’t be Cowgirl Rosalina… Really want to do it but not at the moment…..


Still so happy with the 200th girl post, Delacroix_Legion was really happy but I can freeze the blog so it continue with a new drawing, new girl and of course an amazing artist. Now a huge thanks to the amazing Kimonaji who accepted to contribute with a so powerfull illustration.

At start I noticed Kimonaji‘s gallery and thought “Damn, he have an amazing style“. All his drawing where straigh so I was septic if a yuri can pick his interest but I saw something really interesting on Kimonaji‘s profile: “First I want to say that commissions will be FREE“.

You can be sure I sent him a mail after that and I received an answer 3 days after with this drawing attached… Kimonaji said he choosed Korra as second girl and hope I like the result. Of course I love it, they are so beautifull, expressive, sexy (of course) and also realistic. Rosalina look different than the original character, especially witht his hair style but she look more like a true girl than a fictional character. I must find a girl like her; so beautifull as Rosalina but I will also have more chance to find one like this…°w°

Thanks so much for this gorgeous illustration Kimonaji. For some people she’s not really Rosalina but that’s why I wanted when I created the blog. I don’t ask to a lot of artists to contribute because I love spamming but each artist draw Rosalina with her own style and each time she’s different and unique. Sometimes a little to much special for me too but it’s always a great surprise. I can see how artists know and see Rosalina. Like this illustration I think for Kimonaji that Rosalina is a really lovely, sensual and strong princess, after all Korra is not just beautifull, be carefull.

I’m really honored to publish your drawing here Kimonaji but there is a detail I want to know. I hope this commission was interesting and especially fun to draw. Of course I love your illustration but it’s also really important that the artist enjoyed it too… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: Kimonaji  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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