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#885 – Fire master and lingerie princess

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Sometimes “the site is briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance”, but it happen around twice a month for less than a minute so no one of you may have noticed it a day. Just want to say “briefly” is right but for “scheduled“… Well… it happen randomly when I remember to go update the plugins… ^^’
Also Black Friday is coming, wont be something exceptional in France but it keep growing with time, I wonder if there is some artists doing (interesting) discount for Black Friday, please tell me if you know any… ^^


And with this post let’s make Psicoero back with a new duo, I commissioned him a duo with Rosalina and Azula from Avatar that appear again with my favourite princess 3 years later (see here the first one). Know the idea is make Rosalina made the most different ladies as possible but I wanted Azula again after see a so amazing as sexy fanart of her and I wanted her that way with Rosalina so badly. It’s finally Psicoero I chosen for this task, I know his style would be great for the style I had in mind and I also hope you like this illustration guys… °w°
The pose reference was also from a fanarts with Azula and you can see one the right the first sketch I received from Psicoero that was pretty much perfect, the only edit I asked was to change Azula’s shoes to get the same high heels as the reference to keep her the more close as possible as how she looks in the reference like this illustration come as a sequel. Once the edit was done then time for line and finally colouring, Psicoero have a huge experience drawing Rosalina so I was confident on the colouring and shading that turned really cool, I also love how Rosalina expression allow her keep something cute and sweet even if the scene, lingerie and busty touch make her so damn erotic, also can’t miss to say high heels are so effective on me… ^^’
Back to clothing, there was a reference for Azula I wanted Psicoero to strictly follow but Rosalina’s lingerie too is from another illustration I used as reference with a blue lace lingerie that I wanted see how nice it can suit that gorgeous princess. Anyway this time it’s not on an avatar fanart I found it but more surprisingly Rosalina’s lingerie is from an anthro pokemon illustration that already looked so damn gorgeous so it was a thing I cannot miss try on Rosalina. A huge thanks to Psicoero for his hard and awesome work, I hope can commission him again in the future, fact is you can get commission at an interesting price asking 3 at once but it still would be an entire month budget for 3 out of 8 illustrations so nothing left to fund the 5 other pieces needed for the project… Not fun have an ambitious project with deadly budget… O_o

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / Gift commission
Patreon: www.patreon.com/psicoero
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/psicoerochannel
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Psicoero/profile
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#578 – Azula domination (or not)

Rosalina Nintendo dominatrix azula avatar last airbender hentai
Patreon page is active and give regular content, some are public to announce illustrations on the blog an other are patreon only as reward like secret sketches, illustrations or HD versions. I also commissioned my friend Suika to create some little avatars illustrating all tiers. You can see all of them on the mane page so feel fee to take a look… Oh yeah… °w°
Also that’s crasy with html edit on patreon, tables appear on the preview but it goes crazy on the profile page. I had to put lot of linefeed but that’s not really professional. At last feel free to give me your opinion about the patreon.


More than 400 artists participated to the site and it’s a huge thanks to all of them. As if always Rosalina since all have their own style she always looks difference and that’s so powerfull. But there is also artists like Archangemon who contributed several time to my projects and after kinky pieces with Robin, Pautena or the SOS Brigad (See all of them here), here is a new illustration pairing Rosalina and Azula from Avatar series. I hope you like it guys.
Azula is a really stong on powerfull character in the series but turn into sex slave for that so sexy and naughty dominative Rosalina. For sure Rosalina really enjoy to play with her new pet (and looks so sexy with high heels. Since Azula is underage, Archangemon had to make a censored version to be able publish it on Deviantart that is kinda cool and you can see on the right. Femdom and bondage are so hot for sure and since Rosalina is a huge character (she’s considered as heavy on Mario kart) and latex suit turn her so powerfull she’s perfect as dominatrix.
A huge thanks to Archangemon for this great piece and his kindness, since his first participation to the site he really increased his level and must be really awesome if he continue on that way so feem free to encourage en support him on Deviantart or Blogger. Be sure a nice comment or feedback is always more powerfull than just a +1 on pageview counter.. ^^

Artist: Archangemon / Cost: 2$
Deviantart: www.archangemon.deviantart.com
Blog (uncensored art): www.hoacomissionspot.blogspot.com

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#346 – Avatar The Last Airbender – Korra

Sorry for the lack of updates, I know there is a lot to do but for the moment I’m really busy and not enough forces to updates and really work on the blog. Don’t worry guys, I’m not dead and won’t let the blog die too. Generally it’s a new illustration each 2 day, 3 when I’m busy and 1 when I have super power. sometimes it happen. Sometimes. XD

The Pyjama party project must move, there is a long time it’s frozen and the artist lost interest to draw (some troubles with her too) but do you think I will let the slot empty… Of course not… A new project is comming. In fact it wont be really a project but more like a new subject.

Any ideas guys… Don’t hesitate let a comment or suggestion… XD
By the way, it won’t be Cowgirl Rosalina… Really want to do it but not at the moment…..


Still so happy with the 200th girl post, Delacroix_Legion was really happy but I can freeze the blog so it continue with a new drawing, new girl and of course an amazing artist. Now a huge thanks to the amazing Kimonaji who accepted to contribute with a so powerfull illustration.

At start I noticed Kimonaji‘s gallery and thought “Damn, he have an amazing style“. All his drawing where straigh so I was septic if a yuri can pick his interest but I saw something really interesting on Kimonaji‘s profile: “First I want to say that commissions will be FREE“.

You can be sure I sent him a mail after that and I received an answer 3 days after with this drawing attached… Kimonaji said he choosed Korra as second girl and hope I like the result. Of course I love it, they are so beautifull, expressive, sexy (of course) and also realistic. Rosalina look different than the original character, especially witht his hair style but she look more like a true girl than a fictional character. I must find a girl like her; so beautifull as Rosalina but I will also have more chance to find one like this…°w°

Thanks so much for this gorgeous illustration Kimonaji. For some people she’s not really Rosalina but that’s why I wanted when I created the blog. I don’t ask to a lot of artists to contribute because I love spamming but each artist draw Rosalina with her own style and each time she’s different and unique. Sometimes a little to much special for me too but it’s always a great surprise. I can see how artists know and see Rosalina. Like this illustration I think for Kimonaji that Rosalina is a really lovely, sensual and strong princess, after all Korra is not just beautifull, be carefull.

I’m really honored to publish your drawing here Kimonaji but there is a detail I want to know. I hope this commission was interesting and especially fun to draw. Of course I love your illustration but it’s also really important that the artist enjoyed it too… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: Kimonaji  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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#111 – The Last Airbender – Azula

I think everybody know Avatar, the Last Airbender (and not just Avatar)… So this time I’m happy to show you Rosalina enjoy a hot cunnilingus by Azula the firebender… Enjoy (as you want) this new pic… (^o^)/

Thanks so much to BrokenSkull  who accept my request and drawn 4 versions of this awesome pics… So there is normal, wet, fire but if you want wet + fire you must take a look to his blog here or in the hentaifoundry gallery here

This pic is incredibly hot, cunnilingus + dildo + a lot of pussy juice and milk for the wet version, the result is awesome… Hope you enjoy it guys and thanks so much BrokenSkull… If you want to see mor eabout his art, don”t hesitate to follow his blog, sometime he open requests so it can be interesting, but you have to be fast… ^^

Artist: BrokenSkull  /  Price: Request

#038 – Avatar – Katara

Continue with a famous anime “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and on my favorite character here: Katara who show to Rosalina how have pleasure with Water… Katara use water tentacle, I thinks it’s not new, but the tentacles who cum…I say it’s special, but really hot… Thanks to the artist who do this and thanks to me who ask this… XD

I hope you love this drawing, I say like the other tentacles, the water dick is not transparent, And I’m sure a lot of you prefer see what is bellow but like the sketchs and first colors, It’s wasen’t really interesting to see it and the artist had a nice idea to color like this… The background is really good too, they look have some fun in a giant flower, that’s really romantic… I say it’s a hot situation, but it can be a little romantic too… ;p

I have a lot of sketch, so I show you some and I think there is a lot a little perverts here ( why just me… ;p) so I post the color version with Transparent dick tentacle… What is your favorite version?