#111 – The Last Airbender – Azula

I think everybody know Avatar, the Last Airbender (and not just Avatar)… So this time I’m happy to show you Rosalina enjoy a hot cunnilingus by Azula the firebender… Enjoy (as you want) this new pic… (^o^)/

Thanks so much to BrokenSkull  who accept my request and drawn 4 versions of this awesome pics… So there is normal, wet, fire but if you want wet + fire you must take a look to his blog here or in the hentaifoundry gallery here

This pic is incredibly hot, cunnilingus + dildo + a lot of pussy juice and milk for the wet version, the result is awesome… Hope you enjoy it guys and thanks so much BrokenSkull… If you want to see mor eabout his art, don”t hesitate to follow his blog, sometime he open requests so it can be interesting, but you have to be fast… ^^

Artist: BrokenSkull  /  Price: Request

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  1. Yukikah

    Quite the funny face on Rosie I think, but it’s very easy to blame that on how “good of a time” she seems to be having. Perhaps Azula’s just really good with her mouth? Ku~

    Perverted I know, but I can’t seem to take my eyes off Rosie’s ass and leg in this. It just gives a sense of tension and strength, and I love those aspects in a sexual encounter.


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