#110 – Soul Eater – Blair N°2

Second time with Blair and Rosalina (first drawing by Loopyluri here) and it’s a pretty nice thing, I love Blair (but not enough as Rosalina  ;p)… sincerely, I buy the first of the Soul Eater serie only for Blair, she look so beautifull and really sexy… In fact now in all manga there is always a hot part, in one hand, thats nice for all perverts, but when we want to show the manga “You’re a pervert”… So stupid… T_T

Now the artist… Oh yeah… And this time it’s a huge thanks to Inkstain12 who accept contribute to my blog with a request and choose Blair in the wishlist (I will update it soon)… So don”t hesitare to take a look to his HentaiFoundry gallerie here or I say we are perverts but love soft too so you can also check his deviantart profil… ^^

So I hope you like this drawing, it’s a beautifull and really sexy pairing… thanks again for your kindness Inkstain12…  (^o^)/

Artist: Inkstain12  /  Price: Request


  1. Skull

    Mmm, yummie!

  2. Yukikah

    I don’t know Blair, but I do know an intimate moment between two women when I see one. This is SO well done in conveying emotion, like a moment in time with them looking into each others’ eyes and speaking unspoken words.

    Overly poetic perhaps, but it’s just an attempt to put things into words; it’s very rare to find an artist capable of making a drawing feel like a moment in time rather than a still.


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