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#038 – Avatar – Katara

Continue with a famous anime “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and on my favorite character here: Katara who show to Rosalina how have pleasure with Water… Katara use water tentacle, I thinks it’s not new, but the tentacles who cum…I say it’s special, but really hot… Thanks to the artist who do this and thanks to me who ask this… XD

I hope you love this drawing, I say like the other tentacles, the water dick is not transparent, And I’m sure a lot of you prefer see what is bellow but like the sketchs and first colors, It’s wasen’t really interesting to see it and the artist had a nice idea to color like this… The background is really good too, they look have some fun in a giant flower, that’s really romantic… I say it’s a hot situation, but it can be a little romantic too… ;p

I have a lot of sketch, so I show you some and I think there is a lot a little perverts here ( why just me… ;p) so I post the color version with Transparent dick tentacle… What is your favorite version?