#038 – Avatar – Katara

Continue with a famous anime “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and on my favorite character here: Katara who show to Rosalina how have pleasure with Water… Katara use water tentacle, I thinks it’s not new, but the tentacles who cum…I say it’s special, but really hot… Thanks to the artist who do this and thanks to me who ask this… XD

I hope you love this drawing, I say like the other tentacles, the water dick is not transparent, And I’m sure a lot of you prefer see what is bellow but like the sketchs and first colors, It’s wasen’t really interesting to see it and the artist had a nice idea to color like this… The background is really good too, they look have some fun in a giant flower, that’s really romantic… I say it’s a hot situation, but it can be a little romantic too… ;p

I have a lot of sketch, so I show you some and I think there is a lot a little perverts here ( why just me… ;p) so I post the color version with Transparent dick tentacle… What is your favorite version?

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  1. Yukikah

    I’ll admit I’ve kinda been on a Kitara thing from Avatar lately, and her paired with Rosie is a great image and contrast; dark on light, regal on rough… a very intimate passionate moment, and it’s easy to see that it’s only going to be better from there.

    Oh, and double kudos on this being the only “futa” image in the blog I truly like. It’s nice to see.


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