#039 – Mario – Peach + Daisy

This time it’s a special drawing, not hot, not hard but really beautifull… Thanks so much to the artist sentrythe2310 who had drawn this illustration as request… How nice… (^o^)/

I hope you enjoy this famous trio with the 3 beautifull princess from Mario games (this man is so lucky… T_T)… Colors are really nice an realistic, It’s an awesome request… Thanks so much to the artist for his kindness…

About the drawing, I post you a part of this description: “For some reason, Daisy’s face took me the longest time to draw. I tried my hardest to draw an expression that fits her cheerful nature, but often ended severely out of proportion, ugly or not cheerful. At Take 8 (it took me 7 failed takes), I finally gave up and drew it without much concentration. Boom, her face is here.”

Artist: sentrythe2310 / Price: Request

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  1. Yukikah

    I… had this as my computer’s wallpaper for a bit over the holidays. It’s my favorite drawing of the three together, and to find it here is an absolute joy.

    Mucho kudos on the silly, sexy, happy drawing here. It’s quite the gem.


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