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#578 – Azula domination (or not)

Rosalina Nintendo dominatrix azula avatar last airbender hentai
Patreon page is active and give regular content, some are public to announce illustrations on the blog an other are patreon only as reward like secret sketches, illustrations or HD versions. I also commissioned my friend Suika to create some little avatars illustrating all tiers. You can see all of them on the mane page so feel fee to take a look… Oh yeah… °w°
Also that’s crasy with html edit on patreon, tables appear on the preview but it goes crazy on the profile page. I had to put lot of linefeed but that’s not really professional. At last feel free to give me your opinion about the patreon.


More than 400 artists participated to the site and it’s a huge thanks to all of them. As if always Rosalina since all have their own style she always looks difference and that’s so powerfull. But there is also artists like Archangemon who contributed several time to my projects and after kinky pieces with Robin, Pautena or the SOS Brigad (See all of them here), here is a new illustration pairing Rosalina and Azula from Avatar series. I hope you like it guys.
Azula is a really stong on powerfull character in the series but turn into sex slave for that so sexy and naughty dominative Rosalina. For sure Rosalina really enjoy to play with her new pet (and looks so sexy with high heels. Since Azula is underage, Archangemon had to make a censored version to be able publish it on Deviantart that is kinda cool and you can see on the right. Femdom and bondage are so hot for sure and since Rosalina is a huge character (she’s considered as heavy on Mario kart) and latex suit turn her so powerfull she’s perfect as dominatrix.
A huge thanks to Archangemon for this great piece and his kindness, since his first participation to the site he really increased his level and must be really awesome if he continue on that way so feem free to encourage en support him on Deviantart or Blogger. Be sure a nice comment or feedback is always more powerfull than just a +1 on pageview counter.. ^^

Artist: Archangemon / Cost: 2$
Deviantart: www.archangemon.deviantart.com
Blog (uncensored art): www.hoacomissionspot.blogspot.com

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#531 – A little taste of Robin

Rosalina Nintendo Robin Fire Emblem cunnilingus hentai 
I lost contact with an “amazing” artist (I thought) that I already commissioned for the blog, also his illustration is still one of my favorite and the hottest I ever received for my Rosalina x Girl project. This guys was frustrated I didn’t wanted to fap him and just deleted me (long story), I expected to commissison him again but for now I think it wont happen. At last the positive pont is I don’t have to worry about my budget for now… XD
Also discovered when you generate a link with dropbox, this one is permanent and don’t expire. Will be really usefull for what I planned but also must be careful sometimes. You have to remove links manualy from the site or it get deleted once you move or delete the original file/folder.


As promised we continue with the Fire Emblem series and compared to Lucina who was already paired with Rosalina by Mavruda (See it here), it’s time for Rosalina to meet a new (naughty) girl from the series and hove some fun with Robin. Commissioned by sagashiindustries and drew by H.O.A, thanks so much for this powerfull gift… \(^o^)/
This time no toy but it seem Rosalina tongue must be so good and kinda intense for Robin, also more tasty for Rosalina I’m sure both enjoy that cunni and maybe Robin will return the favor to Rosalina.Like Robin expression it seem she’s not use to adult pleasure as Rosalina but with a so beautifull and wonderfull partner she must love it and maybe learn some nice thing if Rosalina don’t make her lost her mind. I wonder what H.O.A had in mind for this illustration but he did an excellent job for sure. Oh yeah…
I hope you like this illustration guys, it’s the last I received from H.O.A but really love his style and art so if he continue draw and increase his level, must get more crazy illustration from him on the future. Will be a messy piece at first cause I love wet/messy clothes and let see what will happen next… Also if you want to see more about his art or commissions, feel free to visit H.O.A. on Deviantart (here).

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#530 – Scissor with Lucina

Fire Emblem Lucina Rosalina scissor tribadism hentai 
I added a new kind of product to the shop, you can get HD (full versions) of some illustration for 1$ each. This is just for drawing I received with high quality and lot of details but who were too big to be on the blog. To give you an idea there is only 3 illustrations on sale from the 556 on the blog. If you are curious, feel free to take a look here… ^^
I though to add a cart system but mean I have to send illsutration manually so you can’t receive them instantly and I prefer something smart and simple than complicated with so much options. Does it sound stupid guys?


As if the previous post suggested some Rosalina and Palutena to come next, it was an error since I already published this illustration byArchangemon or see the original post here. I have to continue with another publication but I keep the same artist for a kinky duo with Lucina from fire emblem commissioned by sagashiindustries. How powerfull… \(^o^)/
I really love this illustration, I know Archangemon style still need some improvements but he constantly increase his level and made some excellent illustration (he was commissioned for a messy series who looks epic). Rosalina and Lucina looks so hot and expressive, pose and faces are great. I think it hurt a little for Lucina with with a wonderfull partner like Rosalina she must be addicted to it quickly. The background Archangemonmade is kinda simple too but must admit I want the same wall decoration for my room… °w°
Congrat for this great illustration Archangemon and thanks to sagashiindustries for his kindness and support. Next illustration coming will still be from Fire Emblem series featuring Robin female (of course) so stay turned guys. And why not take a look to Archangemon’s blogs while waiting.

Artist: Archangemon / Cost: 0$ (gift by sagashiindustries)
Sagashiindustries: http://sagashiindustries.deviantart.com/
Archangemon: www.archangemon.deviantart.com

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#499 – Sensual kiss and touch with Palutena

I asked some people to ive me a screen to see how look the blog on their side and must admit it was really disappointing. Everybody have different resolution and background don’t work. Also do my best to make posts look great positioning images and with leng of each paragraph and generally it don’t look as me. If you have time, feel free to give me a screen of the Curriculum page, must be really helpfull.

Also was at 49 follower close to the 50th but finally I lost a member, not cool…


After foursome witl ladies for Haruhi series (see it here) or Touhou series (see it here), sagashiindustries gave me the honor to support my project with a new series of 3 illustrations he commissioned to H.O.A. and time for you to enjoy the first one with Palutena from Kid Icarus. I already had her with Rosalina but a young Palutena. But time to be more sexy and sensual, now it’s the adult one who come to have some fun time with Rosalina and they look gorgeous together, thanks so much sagashiindustries and good job H.O.A

For sure H.O.A still need to practice but he regulary publish new illustration and continusely increase his level; anatomy look great and he have nice technique with shadding, especially love color on Rosalina’s hair. Both lady also look gorgeous, damn sexy and sensual together, H.O.A. also made it kinda dynamic, we can easilly imagine them having a love and warm kiss when they are playing with each other soft breasts.

If you love messy illustrations (like slime, mud or everything like this) I’m sure the recent illustration H.O.A. made must pick your interest. Sincerely I love messy and fluide so must be really interesting to commission H.O.A. that kind of illustration by myself a day. Wont always wait for sagashiindustries to do it for me but you can be sure this kind of supprot is always so powerfull. Thanks so much guys… (^o^)/

Artist: Archangemon / Cost: 0$ (gift by sagashiindustries)
Sagashiindustries: http://sagashiindustries.deviantart.com/
Archangemon: http://www.blogger.com/profile/11499029676971575583

One year ago: Special – “Private” blowjob
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#275 – Haruhi Suzumiha – S.O.S. brigade

I think about make a little video with myself talking about the blog, it must be the best way to explain the project and each part of the blog but I’m a little scary about that. My english level is not really powerfull and I never really speack in english (at school it’s not the same thing) so guys… do you think I must try? and it my english accent will be so bad as you can understand me… You won’t be so rough with your comments?

Also as you can see, today it’s a awesome drawing and this time I didn’t do anything in particular, it’s a huge thanks to sagashiindustries took the time speack on the chat and also commissioned Rosalina with the SOS section from the Haruhi suzumiha series to Archangemon also know as H.O.A.

At start sagashiindustries said me than he wanted to ask one of his OC with Rosalina so sent me the link of his deviantart gallery (see it here). I told him than my favorite is Makoto but it will be after the one with “Rosalina x S.O.S. Brigade girls” I was surprised and so happy hear that, It was a long time I wanted to ask Rosalina with a girl from this serie and finally she meet all my favorites at the same time giving some fun to each one… That’s so powerfull… thanks so much sagashiindustries… (^o^)/

For people who don’t know the Haruhi series and these girl, there is the strap-on for Haruhi, fingers for Nagato and tit sucking for Mikuru, I think it’s now easy for you to reconize each character and see how Rosalina is incredible… After all the start to be well trained… Be caeful girl, you must enjoy it a lot… XD

The only curious point as me is Nagato feet are like Draenei one, but for the rest I must say I love this drawing… It’s just… just… amazing… °w°

Artist: Archangemon / Cost: 0$ (gift by sagashiindustries)
Sagashiindustries: http://sagashiindustries.deviantart.com/
Archangemon: http://www.blogger.com/profile/11499029676971575583

Added to wishlist: Joanna Dark and Mai Hem from Perfect dark (see it here)