#275 – Haruhi Suzumiha – S.O.S. brigade

I think about make a little video with myself talking about the blog, it must be the best way to explain the project and each part of the blog but I’m a little scary about that. My english level is not really powerfull and I never really speack in english (at school it’s not the same thing) so guys… do you think I must try? and it my english accent will be so bad as you can understand me… You won’t be so rough with your comments?

Also as you can see, today it’s a awesome drawing and this time I didn’t do anything in particular, it’s a huge thanks to sagashiindustries took the time speack on the chat and also commissioned Rosalina with the SOS section from the Haruhi suzumiha series to Archangemon also know as H.O.A.

At start sagashiindustries said me than he wanted to ask one of his OC with Rosalina so sent me the link of his deviantart gallery (see it here). I told him than my favorite is Makoto but it will be after the one with “Rosalina x S.O.S. Brigade girls” I was surprised and so happy hear that, It was a long time I wanted to ask Rosalina with a girl from this serie and finally she meet all my favorites at the same time giving some fun to each one… That’s so powerfull… thanks so much sagashiindustries… (^o^)/

For people who don’t know the Haruhi series and these girl, there is the strap-on for Haruhi, fingers for Nagato and tit sucking for Mikuru, I think it’s now easy for you to reconize each character and see how Rosalina is incredible… After all the start to be well trained… Be caeful girl, you must enjoy it a lot… XD

The only curious point as me is Nagato feet are like Draenei one, but for the rest I must say I love this drawing… It’s just… just… amazing… °w°

Artist: Archangemon / Cost: 0$ (gift by sagashiindustries)
Sagashiindustries: http://sagashiindustries.deviantart.com/
Archangemon: http://www.blogger.com/profile/11499029676971575583

Added to wishlist: Joanna Dark and Mai Hem from Perfect dark (see it here)

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  1. Eromanboy

    I like the background. xD Does that sound weird? I guess it’s because I’ve never but any effort on making the background.

    Also about the video, I know how you feel. I’m planning on making some gaming videos on youtube with english commentary. Makes one nervous. I am also under the expression that internet is pretty much full of hate, it’s not too common to see good people in some places. xD What I mean is “haters gonna hate”, no need to be afraid of those too much. 😀 Then again, because you’re using your real name, I guess things might not go too well. Of course I don’t mean to discourage you, do what you feel like doing! :3


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