#276 – Eureka Seven – Eureka

I finally madea video where you can see me present the blog and the general content but due to some materiel problems the quality is really really bad (yeah, twice “really”) and I hesitate to post it in the blog… I really need to buy a better camera and increase my english level… I’m sorry Eromanboy, I saw your comment but really wanted to make this video, and now this new dilema must kill me… T_T

Today a new character meet Rosalina and I’m sure a lot of you already know her, it’s Eureka from the Eureka Seven series drew as commission by Acperience. It was a long time I want this pairing, I think Eureka appear in the wishlist at the start of the blog and after see a lot a drawing with Eureka in Acperience I thought he will be the perfect artist for a commission… Oh yeah… ^^

Acperience drew four rough sketches than you can see on the right and sincerely it wasn’t easy to choose. Two soft version and two hentai… As a little pervert my favorite was the #2 idea but during the line Acperience said he have some problems and being unhappy with how this is going so far so at a moment we decided to stop with this one and use the idea of sencond 18+ idea. I posted the line of the first idea but this one won’t see the light.

Now I must apologize to Acperience because he really worked a lot in this commission and finally I didn’t noticed than Rosalina hair style was wrong because she had the lock in front of her left eye instead of the right. I reversed the drawing but finally Eureka hair style was wrong after that. Acperience add the kindness fix that (thanks so much) but wasn’t really happy about that… I’m really sorry Acperience… T_T

Not the first time I have some problem with Rosalina hair style but I’m not really happy about what happened during that commission, I must be careful next time. Artists really spend a lot of time to draw Rosalina so that’s not really fair in that way… But you can be sure it won’t happened again…

Artist: Acperience / Cost: 13$

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  1. Eromanboy

    Haha, I guess my comment was a bit confusing. 😀

    Of course I have to comment the picture too now that I started writing. I really like that position, when a girl has legs together like that. The setting is also really nice and moody.


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