#277 – Naruto – Anko Mitarashi

Today I’ll meet Merethide, the artist who created the pyjama party story (see it here) and she was also a good friend. I really excited because I know her since more than two years and I’ll finally see her, see the true Merethide… It’s just a little scary because it will be the first time I meet her and maybe the last… Not good… T_T

today it’s the second commission I asked to Necrohoud, He already contributed in january for my birthday with a Me x Rosalina but this artist really have an awesome style so really wanted Necrohoud to draw a yuri pic for the blog so I also commissioned Rosalina with Anko from Naruto series and there is the result, hope you like it guys… ^^

In fact I submitted two poses to Necrohoud and he sent me two sketchs where Roslaina and Anko alternate each pose, It’s wasn’t easy to choose because Rosalina look awesome in each one but for Anko as me her head look better in the sketch #2… and after all Rosalina don’t need to have open legs to be awesome… In fact she don’t need to be sexy, I love this character because she’s the more beautifull and cutest character in the world… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Necrohound is a really powerfull artists, really for each changes, a great style and interesting prices… Really interesting so guys don’t hesitate if you are looking for a commissioner, Necrohound is one of the best I know for the moment… But be careful, he recently raised his commission prices so don’t hesitate so long… ;p

In fact it was a long time I know Necrohoud art and really hesitate because he already draw Rosalina as commission but a Rosalina x Gallant Series… You must know Gallant is an other huge fan of Rosalina who spend all his time asking some drawings with him and Rosalina. He’s like me in love with the character but it’s like he think Rosalina was created for him… Now you know who come her for bad votes… T_T

Necrouhound received some commission to Gallant but that’s all so I agree it was a stupid reason and I didn’t resist indefinitly… Rosalina by Necrouhoud… That’s done but I hope commission him again in the futur for more epic drawings… ^^

Artist: Necrohound / Cost: 15$
Deviantart: www.ryo-utagawa.deviantart.com
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/necrohound/profile

Added to wishlist: Aries and Evergreen from Fairy Tail (see it here)

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