#278 – Nintendo – Peach N°19

The Japan Expo is now over, it was a really fun and tiring week-end but 3 days without internet that’s not good, Like the blog stats if I don’t upload something new each two days I lost a lot of viewers but it’s always the same thing for comment, nobody take the time for a little message as comment or in the chat… T_T

I worn my Rosalina cosplay during this event and have some photography with other cosplayer but these photos will be upload soon in the soft blog (see it here), just want to show you my little souvenir (not enough money for something bigger. His name is Meugon-meugnon-meugnon than you can translate by Cute-cute-cute… It’s what I said when I found it… XD

I really love drawing with a principal scene and some close-up and it’s a huge thanks to TheHadokenman for his awesome Peach and Rosalina… Generaly I said I’m a little sad because too many Rosalina with Peach but this drawing is so gorgeous, I can just say “Epic”… °w°

TheHadokenman really have an awesome gallery, the way he draw and especially color them create a so powerfull style, that’s so beautifull and really exciting at the same time, as example you have the devil Sakura (see it here) or TheHadokenman‘s OC Maybelle (see it here) are my favorite pic in his gallery, just after this Rosalina and Peach, of course…

Other interesting detail, Maybelle have some similarities with Rosalina because her hair style, I expected TheHadokenman to pair this two girls but he finally chosen Peach… after all it’s a request so the only important ting is the artist have a lot of fun with the drawing…

A hot cunnilingus with two girls is always so exciting and here I love the panel on the left with Peach’s wet tongue and like the situation I think Rosalina taste really good. I’m a huge fan of lingerie and high heels but I must admit this drawing don’t need anything like this, it’s just perfect in that way… You are just amazing TheHadokenman, thanks so much for your participation to this project… (^o^)/

Artist: TheHadokenman / Cost: 0$ (request)

Added to wishlist: Gaige, Maya and Moxxi from borderlands (see it here)

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