#274 – Parasite Eve – Aya Bre

For people who remember Vempire and his awesome commissions, I have a little surprise for you, I’ll create soon a contest where everybody can suggest his favorite girl to show with Rosalina and also the situation… after this I’ll use a random generator and the winner will have his dream asked to Vempire… FOR FREE… Interested guys ?

This time it’s a new commission I asked to rampant404… Yeah, for hater who said I’m a skinflint did you notice there is a lot of drawings here made as commissions…I agree in general I’m more looking for requests but in this case I let the artist totally free with the second girl and situation so he can draw what he love and have fun doing this drawing, do you really think it’s unfair? Nah… ;p

Return to Rampant404 drawing (sorry man), I found in december his hentaifoundry gallery and awesome site (see it here) so asked him more details about commission. Rampant404 maintly do BBW art (fat girls) but must admist I’m not a huge fan of this style in general. In fact my dream for the blog it to have a lot of girls who meet Rosalina but a lot of different styles too, after normal ecchi, hentai, watersport, guro futa… Why not a BBW girls… But not Rosalina… Finally Rampant404 drew a normal girl with Rosalina and sincerely it’s not easy find a great fat girls in video games or manga… Does that exist? O_o

If you don’t recognize the second girl (or don’t take the time read the title before start fapping) this time it’s Aya Brea from Parasite Eve… Never play this game but I’m really curious about it, maybe I’ll try it a day if I have time… Rampant404 also suggested Fran from final Fantasy but the already meet Rosalina (see the drawing here) so with not let a new girl see how Rosalina is gorgeous and give her some fun… Hope you like it guys… Oh yeah… XD

As you can see Rampant404 also suggested me three sketches and situations, I love this way to work, let the artist draw some ideas he love and at the end choose my favourite, like this I can see different ideas and some epic situation I’ll never imagine myself… The one with 2/3 body is my favorite, this sketch look more detailed but there is something in the third more cute and pretty funny who give me interest to continue with this one… Sincerely depending my tastes sometimes I think it’s the better choice and other time I think to ask the second sketch as a new commission to Rampant404… But you can be sure I’ll never regret this drawing, I love the result… You did an excellent job my friend… And also don”t hesitate if you are interested by commission to drop a message to Rampant404 or maybe let a little comment here if you like or not the drawing… (^o^)/

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  1. Rampant404

    Haha, thanks for the good words! This was a really fun project to do. And it’s true I tend to do BBWs, so it really was a blast to go against type and have fun with Rosalina & Aya… y’know, a couple slender blondes~ ^_^
    That said, I LOVE how these turned out!


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