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#869 – Swimsuit cuties and anal play

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Patreon bonus: Goddess pets for Medusa’s tentacles (NSFW WIP)

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October is coming so I must manage something Halloween related, I’ll see if there is some new great Halloween skins or characters released to get something fresh but must admit I also want to manage Rosalina with Florence Nightingale and her latex nurse from last year, that suit is so damn sexy and want see it again… °w°
Talking about patreon, time to announce MegumiPan616 is the chosen artist to work on October patreon raffle, she’s really cool and pretty much open to many fetishes so will be good opportunity to get crazy dreams come true. Also was happy when saw Iragre became a patron but he never completed his pledge, that’s life… ^^’


And before start talk about October one, let’s me show you the illustration made for September raffle on patreon featuring Rosalina and Lucina from Fire Emblem and drew by the really nice and kind the-4got10-one who already gave me the honour contribute with a ravishing Rosalina and Palutena duo. The idea I got was way more naughty than what we can usually see on the-4got10-one‘s gallery, not that I didn’t like it but had to ask the artist first if he was ready to work on it and as answer I got two really kinky sketches so it was on the nice way… °w°
The idea was Rosalina and Lucina having anal fun with specific pose and swimsuit outfits, you can see on the left the one that was requested for Lucina and all I can say is every part are perfectly respected. Though as I said, I first received two sketches since the-4got10-one try a second pose “with more mature figure. You can see this second sketch on the right if curious about the pose anyway I send both to DarkEcoFreak that wanted to keep going with the one close to the reference he sent at first, wasn’t a problem since this one the-4got10-one was the more happy with.
I hope you guys love the result, my side I’m really stunned (and excited) how it looks with so many powerfull parts, Rosalina face being adorable even getting that dildo pushing deep in her ass, also having so perfect breasts and holding the panties the way her sweet pussy appear, the-4got10-one also gave us a lot to enjoy on Lucina with a cute face again and perfect view to her ass and pussy. I love how you start on the top with some adorable blushing faces then moving down it’s going sexy with the perfect curves of their bodies and finally some naughty anal action. It’s sure even more pervert than his previosu illustration but the-4got10-one made cuteness and sexiness mix so perfectly once again… °w°
I hope DarkEcoFreak will be pleased with the result but also that you guys enjoy it, if you like this style I have a good new since there is another illustration from the-4got10-one coming and I’ll continue telling if you are pervert then keep in mind this one will be even more naughty. For people that want to get some preview there is a wip of the next piece as today patreon bonus (here). Also keep in mind that illustration was a commission so you can contact the-4got10-one about commissions for some cute or naughty drawing, as long you are kind be sure he will never disappoint you… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: the-4got10-one / 20$ commission
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#530 – Scissor with Lucina

Fire Emblem Lucina Rosalina scissor tribadism hentai 
I added a new kind of product to the shop, you can get HD (full versions) of some illustration for 1$ each. This is just for drawing I received with high quality and lot of details but who were too big to be on the blog. To give you an idea there is only 3 illustrations on sale from the 556 on the blog. If you are curious, feel free to take a look here… ^^
I though to add a cart system but mean I have to send illsutration manually so you can’t receive them instantly and I prefer something smart and simple than complicated with so much options. Does it sound stupid guys?


As if the previous post suggested some Rosalina and Palutena to come next, it was an error since I already published this illustration byArchangemon or see the original post here. I have to continue with another publication but I keep the same artist for a kinky duo with Lucina from fire emblem commissioned by sagashiindustries. How powerfull… \(^o^)/
I really love this illustration, I know Archangemon style still need some improvements but he constantly increase his level and made some excellent illustration (he was commissioned for a messy series who looks epic). Rosalina and Lucina looks so hot and expressive, pose and faces are great. I think it hurt a little for Lucina with with a wonderfull partner like Rosalina she must be addicted to it quickly. The background Archangemonmade is kinda simple too but must admit I want the same wall decoration for my room… °w°
Congrat for this great illustration Archangemon and thanks to sagashiindustries for his kindness and support. Next illustration coming will still be from Fire Emblem series featuring Robin female (of course) so stay turned guys. And why not take a look to Archangemon’s blogs while waiting.

Artist: Archangemon / Cost: 0$ (gift by sagashiindustries)
Sagashiindustries: http://sagashiindustries.deviantart.com/
Archangemon: www.archangemon.deviantart.com

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