#345 – Nintendo – Wii fit trainer

200th girl who meet Rosalina… So powerfull…
Yeah, you can say amazing… (^o^)/

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Never expected than the project can reach a so powerfull level. It’s now like 3 years since I started the Rosalina x Girl project. At start it was more a place when I can show pictures with my favorite princess and allow everybody to discover how Rosalina is amazing.

Now the collection is close to 350 drawings and Rosalina meet 200 DIFFERENT girls. That’s just amazing, it was so long to write this post… I’m so happy, there is now a huge project under my love for Rosalina and it’s a huge thanks to all incredible peoples who helped me to make it alive.

Friends, artists, visitors, fappers, trollers, enemies… You are the blog… Sometimes fun, sometimes hard or annoying but you can be sure it was 3 amazing years managing this blog and the only thing I want to say is “It’s just the beginning“…


Aizawasilk, Alline, Donouaih, Zyvo… So much powerfull artist I wanted to have the privilege to have their illustration to celebrate the 300th girl with Rosalina (xxxbattery and Mancharm too but they did a solo Rosalina so it was impossible). It was really hard to choosed and I finally gave this honor to the commission I asked to the amazing Delacroix_Legion, a really powerfull artist and great friend who helped me a lot with his support (it’s a pleasure to talk with you) and he also drew Rosalina 4 times before I asked his this commission. After his OCs Melissa (see it here), Reimi (see it here) and an armored Rosalina (see it here)… He let the wii fit trainer join the party… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Delacroix_Legion drew some pervert and amazing pieces of the Trainer like a lot of artists after nintendo announced she will be on the new Smash Bros. and days after days, seeing all this amazing illustrations with a sexy and horny trainer I thought I must have her with Rosalina at a moment. when Delacroix_Legion said me he want to open commission I finally asked him to draw this pairing. After all I was sure he have some experience with Rosalina and also Trainer so it was a great opportunity. By the way don’t hesitate to see his gallery if you want more of the trainer (it’s here), you must love it guys… °w°

This commission was a pleasure, Delacroix_Legion regulary sent me a WIP, it was so powerfull see the sketch become a line and finally color an effects comming. Only the sketch was damn exciting, I tried to imagine how can look the final illustration and it’s wasn’t fair because Delacroix_Legion always said he still know how it will look and the result will be amazing… You can be sure we were both really excited.

As you can see the idea was the Trainer giving a little session to Rosalina. Delacroix_Legion drew the Tainer having some ass-training so we decided she will help Rosalina to have a perfect princess ass. She need it if she want to be so powerfull as Peach and she find the perfect teacher… first lesson was a little hard for Rosalina but I’m sure it will be easier (and fun) soon. Perfect princess, perfect trainer and perfect artist. Can’t be better.

Sincerely I really want to work on a series with the Trainer, buying more “fitness sessions” to Rosalina but like my budget not sure this project can see the light, I also wanted to make a little comic with Mi-chan featuring Rosalina, Cynthia and Gardevoir in a hot lingerie party but once again, can’t buy it… that’s the reason I’m looking for sponsor or publicity. I know it’s not the best thing but it can be really helpfull to create more projects… U_u

Artist: Delacroix_Legion / Cost: 50$

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  1. Eromanboy

    Congratulations for the 200th Rosalina x Girl drawing! I love the idea on this one, it’s quite funny and sexy. :3

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Thanks for your comment my friend? Just be careful about one detail, it’s not the 200th illustration, there is more than 300 in the blog but the 200th girl Rosalina meet… 200 differents girls in the blog having some fun with Rosalina, that’s amazing… (^o^)/

      Btw, How is your life, any interesting things to tell me?

    2. Eromanboy

      My life is about to get busy I guess. It was my first day at school today here in Kajaani. I also have four linearts of posing anime characters drawn, and one hasty chibi drawing going on. Hopefully I find the motivation to finish those pictures. xD


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