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Ok, I announced on the previous post a full update on the blog but I wasn’t here for several days, it was quitte unexpected but it’s fixed and the bonus page have now a lovely Rosalina pin-up with grey scale colors by nesoun (see it here). I will also lost interest for the week-end but I’ll prepare a new post in advance for sunday so don’t worry about that.

I also heard a guys saying that the watermark is “a venal attempt to market a blog with free content“… When I started the blog I expected find more (pervert) Rosalina fans and it’s finally a constant fight with troll… Damn, they are so annoying but it’s not a reason I’ll stop the project and in fact they are just jealous… That’ all… XD

Little answer to the message, the objective is not to promote the blog itsefl but the Rosalina x girl project and all great artists who participated… A lot of people know Rosalina, but not why all these crossovers illustrations… ^^


Time to talk again to the amazing Tallon helping me a lot with the blog commissioning so Rosalina x girl illustrations to help me increase my collection. I must admit that Tallon have really good tastes because the artist is Nyxon who have really amazing girl and Rosalina finally meet one of her OC: Amy… I hope you like it guys… This is a really powerfull illustration… (^o^)/

Nyxon have 3 characters: Mars (click here), Vera (click here) and of course Amzy (click here). All these girls are really beautifull but Amzy is my favorite and I’m so happy she finally meet Rosalina for a breast comparison… Hum… An intimate moment together… They look adorable, and adding a sexy and funny touch the result is amazing. I hope you like it guys… ^^

Once again thanks so much Tallon for this gorgeous commission and congrat to Nyxon who did a great piece. If you are curious to see more of Nyxon art you can see her Hentaifoundry account (here) but also take a look to her Tumblr account (here). By the way, about Tumblr, Nyxon said on the Rosalina x Amzy publication that “I will admit, this was a weird commission. Not for the context, but just because I was literally paid to draw my own character interacting with Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy.“…

Artist: Nyxon / Cost: ??? (Gift by Tallon)
Tallon’s profil: http://tallon90.deviantart.com
Nyxon’s profil: hentai-foundry.com/user/Nyxon/profile

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