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#695 – New master for Terra & Celes

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I was asked if the winner of patreon raffle can also suggest and artist as the pose and second girl with Rosalina, it’s a really good question and basically it more depend of the artist commission price and if it can fit the budget but basically patrons can suggest artists that I’ll reserve them until they wont the raffle.
I’ll also try to make a little shooting this week-end preparing new references for DigitallyDeviant with a little corset I ordered. Compared the one I got is white an black compared to the photo. I know the blue one looks like made for Rosalina but no discount, anyway those are maid color that is a fetish many peoples have… ^^


As if Rosalina is a so ravishing and lovely princess, she also have the power be a master and it’s what discovered Terra & Celes from Final fantasy series. That illustration was created by PixelJail (formerly PostWatershedArt) that accepted participate to the project as request to train before open commission and now get a really good level as you can see on the left illustration that is one of his more recent post. So today illustration is a bit sketchy and don’t show PixelJail‘s actual level but no way don’t enjoy it… ^^
Rosalina is a princess but Nintendo never gave her a throne as she deserve, thanks PixelJail who fixed that point and also added some sweet company that also looks so sexy, Terra’s top moving down as Rosalina’s dress and Celes with a so sexy corset (that I love so much) revealing those small but cute breasts. They all looks so quiet and lovely so nothing that explicit here and we all can imagine how it will goes next, can stay that way or goes a little more kinky but still romantic. PixelJail created a piece that can inspire great stories with that trio and maybe one that can be use for a new chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service… °w°
A huge thanks to PixelJail for all his time and efforts spent on this illustration. I hope I’ll be able manage to commission him soon to be able show how Rosalina can look in his actual style, maybe more sweet or even more kinky, who know. If you wish to see more there is many places to enjoy PixelJail‘s art listed below so don’t miss to have a look. You can also find his commissions info here to discover about prices and also he do illustrations too explicit for D.A., Interesting… ^__^

Artist: PixelJail / Request (now close)
Tumblr: www.pixeljail.tumblr.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/PixelJail
Patreon: www.patreon.com/pixeljail
Deviantart: www.pixeljail.deviantart.com

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