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#719 – Sensual and messy wedding birthday

Basically, I post twice a week and since a year has 52, it means more than 100 publication on the site, tumblr and twitter each year. Now if we count the patreon page that have each time a public + patreon post, it’s 200 posts a year on that side. So if we count everything together I reach 500 posts each year and this doesn’t count all the external things to manage the site, artists and commissions/requests… This project really needs so much time but I can’t stop doing it as if it may destroy my life wasting so much time… O_o

Wish I could buy this figure


It’s the second time I get a pairing with Rosalina and Sonico (first one here by Omnimaid), not that I planned Mothclip draw her again since the main objective of the project is have Rosalina with many different girls, but when I saw this special version made to celebrate her 10th anniversary (on the left) it was just impossible to resist. I still wonder why a wedding dress to celebrate her birthday but the lingerie touch was so epic according to my lingerie fetish and when Mothclip offered me to work on this duo I was sure it would be epic, and it is like the result… \(^o^)/
So, Sonico is back and meet Mothclip‘s power mixing lingerie and messy fetishes, adding high heels the result goes over the limit that allow me stay quiet looking at this kind of illustration. At first I was into a more explicit pose but it goes for something more ‘Grounded that mean no big actions is going on and poses are kind of laying on each other‘. A bit frustrating at first when you have pervert mind but the sketches Mothclip sent me was really nice and since it was a gift I didn’t insist. Anyway the more important part was still here; Rosalina and Sonico in weeding lingerie covered by syrup and cream. Sensual, sexy and messy for a powerfull mix that I hope you guys like… ^^
Being a lot into messy, I asked to add a wet touch around the parts there is cream or syrup like the fabric absorb it as real clothes, finally it didn’t happened since Mothclip thought about that detail but decied that ‘it could shade the other more important details‘. As messy lover I still think some absorption would be nice but agree with Mothclip, it’s important don’t hide to much those beautifull and detailed lingerie bridal wears, I’ll keep this fetish for an illustration oriented mostly on the messy side with even more cream, syrup or… who knows, so many ways to make an outfit dirty but the more complex will be to decide the one to pick, I have that kind of choice… T_T
And about details, there is really a lot to admire here, both outfits really detailed with lace on Sonico and see-through on Rosalina, you can also see the red ribbon on Rosalina’s suit appear on the neck, corset pantie and even high heels that are also soo sexy. There was also a lot of work for Mothclip to manage all syrup and cream, Rosalina giving Sonico a strawberry with syrup running all along the glove and girls bodies that we want to lick and eat every part of the body. There is also another detail I asked Mothclip; with Rosalina’s crown being filled by syrup that overflow making the hair messy, kinda light detail like all cream around but I love this detail and you may see it appear again in the future… ^__^
So much to say about Mothclip that I admire not only for his art level, he’s a really amazing man open minded and supportive always ready to listen to you while doing his best to work on your ideas as if they can goes totally crazy like guro or Hitler raped, it ‘s like you can find anything on his page so must be ready for some special fetishes but there is sure illustration that will make you addicted. Mothclip is also open for commissions offering powerfull skills for a correct price as you can see on his ref sheet on the left, it kinda remember me Zombo.com when you hear ‘the only limit is yourself‘ (and as always, the law)… ^^’

Artist: Mothclip / Gift (60$ as commission)

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#561/563 – Birthday time

November 1st 2007 – November 1st 2015

Some unexpected incidents happened (don’t worry, nothing important) but it made me busy all the day when I was planning to prepare Halloween and Birthday posts. So Halloween is planned for the next post and must come late, really sorry about that but for now it’s a so powerfull day and celebration time for the more beautifull and cutest princess in the world… Happy birthday Rosalina… \(^o^)/
Since her first appearance on Mario Galaxy available on Japan in November 1st 2007, Rosalina have now 8 years of existence and that’s powerfull Nintendo give her more importance since her come back on Mario 3D world, she’s now on so many game and ready to join for the next Mario tennis. Another game that I must be really bad but for sure I wont miss to play with Rosalina… Oh yeah… °w°


Rosalina Nintendo casual clothes birthdayHere is the first illustration commissioned to Lunakiri, wanted something soft and sweet that I can share everywhere to celebrate Rosalina’s birthday. Always with crazy and weird ideas for my commissions I decided to let Lunakiri with fully freedom on this illustration (just asked for something soft, not usual from me) and in other wait there it’s more a surprise that is more interesting for a birthday. Also like the last illustrations on Lunakiri’s patreon I was sure the result must be so cool.
A sweet Rosalina, little birthday cake and cute Luma to add a funny touch, I really love Lunakiri‘s idea and that suit she designed is beautifull, more casual and still close to her original dress at some point, here is how Rosalina must look in real life. Not sure for the moment but must have more illustrations from Lunakiri with Rosalina dressed liek this to see more of her suit. Stay turned…


Rosalina Nintendo hentai final fantasy Tifa lesbianSecond illustration is by Omnimaid Time to move to something more expliciby Omnimaid who gave me the honor to participate to Rosalina’s birthday for the 3rd time, I never forget when he said “I think participating in Rosalina’s birthday has become a part of my yearly routine” and once again he’s here to amaze me with his art and skills, thanks sooo much my friend. With that hairstyle and materia on the floor I’m sure you recognize that so sexy Tifa ready to offer her body and some fun to Rosalina, that soudns so exciting… °w°
Omnimaid already drew a trio with C.C. and Yoruichi using the same point of view, be sure it’s not easy to do (and as me Tifa bust loooks a little weird). I was thinking he love to draw that angle but he answered it was really hard to do. Maybe you are a little masochist my friend… XD


Rosalina Nintendo hentai Super Soniko lesbianHere is the last illustration still by Omnimaid who wanted to try something more with comic style but life didn’t gave him time to to work on a comic either, at last this page is awesome and with some imagination we can make the story continue. With those huge tities, sweet faces and huge dildo on Super Soniko (who meet Rosalina for the first time) there is enough for so much kinky ideas with this duo… °w°
At it’s those breasts who looked kinda special, those are so huge and soft but don’t seem affected by the gravity but they can be on Rosalina’s observatory and on the galexy gravity isn’t the same, that’s even more powerfull to enjoy those perfect breasts fondling and making them bouncing… Once again thanks so much for your support Omnimaid… \(^o^)/