#402 – Final fantasy – Aeris

Still waiting for Mavruda decision to announce the idea he choosen on the suggestion contest. He just finished to draw the new wallpaper calendar, you can find it on he site mydirtydrawings.com now and it will appear on the blog for the next update. I can just say the theme is Chinese new year… °w°

I’m so busy with work and have so much in mind for the blog. A new page and video in mind but no time to create them. Also if there is someone who know how use Sony Vegas I need some tips for effects on the next video. thanks guys and enjoy you visit here… ^^


Who never hear about Final Fantasy series? Nobody of course. And I’m sure you agree that they created so much gorgeous characters and of course damn sexy ladies. Lulu, Fran, Yuna and Tifa are my favs but there is so much powerfull other ladies ladies. After all, Final Fantasy is one of the biggest part on the wishlist. Today it’s turn for Aeris to join Rosalina and applauses come to the talented and lovely GuverFourElements.

GuverFourElements gallery is really impressive (also his name), So much beautifull illustrations and you love love animes like One Piece, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Naruto or simple some pretty sexy ladies, don’t hesitate to visit his page. Most of his art is safe but if you search a little I’m sure your pervert mind will enjoy it… XD

So a powerfull art and also really interesting commission prices. You can find more infos on GuverFourElements‘s but as info this drawing cost 120 D.A. points, less than 2$ so you must admit it’s really cheap. I must commission GuverFourElements again in the future so stay turned guys but if you want to see your dreams come true don’t hesitat to send him a note… Oh yeah…

You can see on the right the first sketch I received from GuverFourElements and really love it. Just asked if he can add some high heels and a lingerie touch (I have a huge fetish for this). The result is really amazing and you can be sure GuverFourElements is an excellent for commission. He regulary send you updated and WIP so no bad surprises, just an epic illustration at the end… (^o^)/

Artist: GuverFourElements  /  Cost: 120 DeviantArt points

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  1. Guver Four

    Wooow, thanks for the credits, is a pleasure to work with you, for anything because you know where find me 😉


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