#146 – Final fantasy – Shelke

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150th Drawing here… \(^o^)/

Maybe I go in the french convention Mang’Azur on April 21th, at first it’s because I hear there is a Rosalina cosplayer so it must be so nice. But finally I can’t see her. She’s not in the convention the 21th but 22th and I can’t say two days for her… Bwaaaaa… My only chance to see a Rosalina cosplayer… T_T

Maybe it’s not use to cry and I’m happy having this blog, Can’t see the cosplayer but I already have a lot of Rosalina here… So enjoy this new drawing with Rosalina and Shelke from Final Fantasy VII (Dirge of Cerberus) by Sfan hope you like it guys… ^^

Final fantasy girls are pretty famous, It’s now the 5th girl from this series who meet Rosalina, and everytime it’s really hot. This pic is awesome, I love how Sfan drew Rosalina dress, Really exciting but so beautifull too. Background and character are beautifull, the situation is pretty hot and exciting, the only thing who look a little special as me is Rosalina and Shelke face, they are cute of course, but not so expressive. Two huge dildos but they look really calm. Maybe it’s not a huge mistake and The result is really nice so that the more important… Thanks so much Sfan, I love this pic… (^o^)/

Artist: Sfan / Price: Request


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