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#806 – Naughty lolita cunni

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And they are coming, in next post will be January patreon reward and a teaser already available for patreon members if you are curious what kind of kinky duo will come. You can already get some clue wit the illustration name but still lot of mystery, all I can say is it will be really hot… °w°
More sweet thing, it was my little sister birthday this gift and she got present parachuted by Rosalina. She know my passion for this ravishing princess and made a letter to send to Rosalina for her birthday, I wanted make something special in return so made a crown and card packed with a little parachute that landed in her garden. I’m glad she enjoyed her gift that much anyway she’s young but already really clever so I’m sure she already have a doubt about the origin of the crown. You can see on the left the box and she was considering send more letter to get more gifts like Rosalina’s dress and wand… O_o


princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi crossover Kantai Collection Hatsuzuki schoolgirl student teacherAnd here is the second illustration by Kuroyuu-chi based on a sketch she did for the previous illustration, there was a mistake about the pose with Hatsuzuki (that you can see on the left) since the sketch didn’t matched what I had in mind. She had to restart to follow the exact pose I asked but Kuroyuu-chi sketch was pretty good and I decided keep it for the second piece I commissioned her with Rachel from Blazblue. °w°
That scene is really good for cunnilingus action, I love how nicely we can see Rachel cute face and little tongue pleasuring Rosalina but bit sad that sweet princess face is hidden, I know it’s not always possible make appear everything we would like to see but I know myself trying to ask for impossible poses and edits sometimes. As if I come with crazy or stupid ideas, I always consider artists feedback telling me something turn wrong and impossible as Kuroyuu-chi when I asked if she can manage to make Rosalina’s face visible, and I’m even more thankfull to know the artist did his best to try first.

You can see the first sketch on the right that was originally with Hatsuzuki from Kantai Collection series, I found a lot of potential (and sexiness) in this one and it’s why I decided keep it with Rachel. Also this time there was no risk of misunderstanding with Kuroyuu-chi about the pose… ^^
Was a long time I haven’t do it so le’s give a little quote from the artist, when posting this illustration Kuroyuu-chi said ‘I feel like this one turned out quite lovely, especially Rachels facial expression and I hope you also like this piece guys (btw, just noticed I did a quote two posts earlier so not that far at all). Also for those that noticed, no clickable links here, not an error but it’s how it goes when the artist don’t accept put the watermark his side. Of course the artist have no obligations with the watermark but my side I have no obligation with clickable link, at last I don’t miss give proper credits and links at the end of the post so you can still find the artist but on his side you can never find about my project… U_u

Artist: Kuroyuu-chi / 27$ commission
Tumblr: www.ikuu-chan.tumblr.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/Kuroyuu
Deviantart: www.kuroyuu-chi.deviantart.com
Pixiv: www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=9150155
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