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#932 – Scissoring and Scorbunny

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PATREON BONUS: Humba Wumba and cowgirl princess (NSFW wip for 1$+ patrons)

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Having “RosalinaxGirl” as name on discord is sure a thing that prove how much I love Rosalina and my project (maybe a bit too much sometimes) but it become a little more complicated when people decide google the name and calling me as slut because I’m sharing porn stuff before block me (initial plan was just have fun on Minecraft). It makes me feel bad but someone not loving lewd in our pervert world is a closed moron… XD
On a more positive side, I got some news from Psicoero that was away because moving to his new home and will soon get back to business for June illustration. Mai one is coming soon and with a preview for patreon supporters. Makes me notice it’s not good to follow I receive art cause it delay patreon illustration too much, my management need some changes ^^’


Here a new illustration by a duo artist who associated to create the Aurastudio on Deviantart, I was surprised when saying “we” in a message and they told me “we’re a duo. one person is responsible for the drawing and the other color“. Was sure interesting and as long there was a way get some kinky Rosalina art I sure was up for it. Also was a chance get a piece related to the upcoming Sword/Shield pokemon game coming, long time no more character from this series since troubles with a stupid artist named Bavarell, seems morons are everywhere like trolls unfortunately… U_u
Everything started with a sexy Bowsette illustration on Aurastudio‘s gallery and a journal about 2×1 commissions meaning you buy one and get one free. I asked if lewd was fine and picked a slot before all slots filled then came the hard challenge of finding an idea that would work well with the artist style. To make it more fun and with freedom, my idea was Rosalina as trainer with a humanized version of one of the 3 starter and Aurastudiobein able to pick the starter they wanted, as you can see Scorbunny was chosen for a hot Scissoring scene °w°
I wanted a trainer Rosalina since pokemon-Go but never happened with the artist I was hoping to work on that so thanks to Aurastudio we fixed that point. I really like Rosalina expression and nice breasts making her look so hot and Scorbunny also have a really nice face keeping the cuteness of the initial pokemon with sure a really naughty side (what a powerfull combo). Aurastudio really did a good job on this illustration, maybe the only pat I dislike is background colour on the left too close to Scorbunny hears and close that hide her a bit too much. Regardless it’s far to be a big deal ^^

Artist: Aurastudio / 7.5$ commission deal
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