#959 – Sweet kisses

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I’m still a bit sad about the deletion of the SFW page, seems a part of me will eternally regret this decision whatever how good or bad it was. Trying to find positive points about that decision I can add to the list there will have no more troubles with ecchi illustrations and the hard part with some illustration to decide if they are enough safe to go on the SFW page, be sure sometimes it was extremely tricky ^^’

Maybe a really stupid or totally random coincidence but I noticed that the name of many artists that too part to the project have the same lenght, from the recent posts I could list Lunakiri, Mazzacho, Omnimaid, Maraichux or even Psicoero, all having 8 letters/digits in their name. I know there is many artist with longer or shorter name like MegumiPan616 and PlanZ34 anyway it was a fun coincidence seeing many names that did perfect align while working on the blog ^^


So pokemon sword and shield are released so no way to miss their release to post this new Rosalina and Sonia duo made by Aurastudio‘s team, after the illustration with Nono having a really kinky perspective and action (see it here), time for something more sweet and sensual. So for this new commission, Aurastudio managed the cuteness and sexiness combo I always consider so powerfull, of course I also love indecent lewd (and high heels) but I don’t mean I can also appreciate more adorable and romantic scenes ^__^

As always both artists managed it nicely, perfect curves for the line process and gorgeous breasts shading when colouring, how you can resist to the need of plan with those marvelous breasts and suck those nice pink nipples? Also I really like those two artists and wonder what advice give them to be even better, on the line side it would be to make them a little more clean and smooth then on colouring to increase the shadow to offer an even better play on light and perspective. Finally I must admit the last point that bug me a little are those hands without nails even if that’s not the main focus on that drawing for sure ^^’

Artist: Aurastudio / 7.5$ commission deal
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