#958 – Rosalina Secretary doodle

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November 11th if off in France and this was a Monday this wear but finally the problem with extended weekend is you think you’ll have time to do lot of stuff and just end even more lazy than usual, I’m really sorry for the last post coming today. No worries anyway, I wasn’t totally unproductive and contacted some artists to start on new illustrations so stay tuned cause more Rosalina lewd is coming to the project °w°

Coincidence with today illustration, I got a warning from patreon about the trap orgy by Mazzacho I posted on September 4th 2016, don’t know why they took so long to react to this post that I’m pretty sure one one will now reach by scrolling on the main page. Maybe they updated their bot to detect more sensitive content, that’s the kind of update they never mention in their monthly newsletters ^^’


Of course Rosalina got many official outfits from Nintendo games and recently the witch costume for Halloween anyway it’s also nice to also goes a bit more original sometimes. After being a latex pin-up, gorgeous cow-girl or sexy bikini lady, here come a secretary Rosalina designed by Mazzacho perfectly mixing the proncess cuteness with a great cleavage bonus. This one was created during a sketch session on Mazzacho‘s picarto page when I got the surprise and honor to see Rosalina being the main subject of this session.. Oh yeah!!!

Can someone resist to this perfection?, An adorable face with cute glasses, a cleavage to admire her perfect breasts magnified by a lingerie touch from her blue bra and this continue with a delicious shape and stunning long legs in pantyhose to finish with some pretty heels. I also like the crown like a discrete aura to remind about her princess origins even if I have to admit her original crown is important part of her so the true design keep the best. Mazzacho managed the powerfull surprise of an alternative pose seeing Rosalina from back holding her heels, I must admit for an heels addict like me the holding heels touch is kinda effective on me ^^’

Due to his actual job and life you must be really careful and attentive with Mazzacho; he could be silent for a long time and them offer you a day filled with crazy livestreams so to be sure never miss updated I highly recommend you to follow his picarto page and join his discord group. Also patreon get as reward a wip of next illustration by Mazzacho who already released the final version on his patreon page if you would enjoy see a really sexy Rosalina in latex catsuit and stripper heels… °w°

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