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#881 – Kinky Swoobat come at night

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Patreon bonus: Fire master and lingerie princess (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

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I’m not an artist myself but kinda same thing with my Rosalina x Girl project, be able work full time on it to give you great updates and find the best artists ever should be so powerfull. I know it’s more a dream but I still wish for my patreon page to grow up and allow me get more quality content for the project… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
As you can see, all posts start with two little paragraphs working like blog news/development then personal diaries, though not really private being here so may I call it more like an autobiography?


Time for a new experimental illustration by Lunakiri featuring her OC Adrian dressed as the pokemon swoobat, I don’t know if I can rally tell it’s a gijinka since Adrian don’t wear anything but the hairstyle was managed really nicely. I really love that OC Lunakiri own and kindly allow me to use for “Where is my pokemon?” project dressing her as many pokemons, that way I can make the collection growing with new pokemon ladies and still have that sweet Adrian OC, that I really like… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Before start the colouring process, Lunakiri if she can “get a bit experimental with this one, I know she like always try new styles and techniques then was a bit curious so I sure accepted. I guess you know the spirit when doing tests, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, here the idea was experiment a technique that would lead to faster colouring anyway as for experiments it’s not always a success. I must admit I first wanted to say technique don’t allow to put too much details in my opinion but looking at Rosalina hairs and Adrian wings the shading is pretty cool so what is special (and original is really the colouring style itself.
Anyway I can’t just complain since it still end with a new kinky illustration for my project, I also accepted my side to let Lunakiri go with the experiment and for me that is curious it’s still interesting to see that try and master techniques also need lot of work and time, not always a success but necessary work. Also on the positive side I like how the traditional pastel style offer a nice atmosphere for the background, clouds and sky that turned pretty cool… ^__^
There is a lot more to come with other kinky but also ambitious stuff Lunakiri is working on, it will be hard to miss her on that project. Anyway you can also see more (and recent) stuff from Lunakiri on the links bellow and maybe get your own commission (especially if you are fan of busty ladies or animation). Just don’t be be in a hurry cause stuff isn’t easy her side but be sure she wont forget you and make something gorgeous… °w°

Artist: Lunakiri / 25$ commission
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/lunakiri
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Xeccan
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com
Artists&Clients: www.artistsnclients.com/people/Lunakiri
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