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#340 – Multiple – Crazy Party

nintendo mario princess rosalina sexy crossover uniform costume nurse cowgirl pokemon cynthia bunny bunnygirl demon
The pageview counter at the botton of the page in now close to 300.000 views… Damn, it’s a really nice score. The blog don’t have a lot a views since 2-3 months but I didn’t expected reach this a day… Thanks for stopped by guys I hope you enjoy the Rosalina x Girl project and take the time visit a little.

You can also let a little comment on a post, the chat and at the bottom of each page, it must be a great support… ^^

Well, I thought to create a little kiriban to celebrate the 300k viewer but I know nodoby take the time to read posts in general so nobody will know about this kiriban and I’m sure nobody will caugh it at the end. If you want to participate to the blog and win a drawing with Rosalina and your favorites fetishs in, take an eyes on the blog on september for the 2nd edition of Your dream by…


This time I’m glad to show you a really powerfull illustration with some of my favourite characters. Especially Cynthia (pokemon) and Seras (Hellsing) who are in my top 10. Not often I can show a foursome and also commission it. A huge thanks to the lovely and talented War-Off-Evil (don’t worry about his name, he’s not dangerous)… ^^

From the left to the right, there is Cynthia from pokemon as sexy nurse (this outfit suit amazing on her), 2nd is Rosalina as cowgirl (my favourite uniform with chaps), 3rd is Dark Magician girl from YoGiHo as bunny girl and the last is Seras Victoria from Hellsing as a sexy demon (though she’s already one)

Sincerely guys War-Off-Evil have an amazing style and really improved it since this commission done there is more than 2 month (Yeah, I really sorry for the late publication). You can see a recent drawing on the right with the now famous wiifit Trainer.

Prices are also really interesting, War-Off-Evil ask 100 deviantart points per character and for a comic it’s 60 points per vignette. If you take in consideration 400 points cost like 4$… Damn, 1$ per character… °w°

Back to Rosalina and her little friends. I love sexy outfits like uniforms, lingerie and high heels so I asked to War-Off-Evil to draw these girls wearing sexy disguises. I must admit I love the result, they are so beautifull and damn sexy… XD

At start I asked War-Off-Evil to draw Rosalina and Seras as owgirl and he suggested to add Cynthia and Dark Magician girl. Cynthia is my favorite girl from pokemon and dark magician girls is also really beautifull so it was finally a foursome… A damn powerfull one… (^o^)/

Artist: War-Off-Evil / Cost: 350 D.A. points

#239 – Multiple – Latex contest

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian metroid samus aran Aki Izayoi Yu-Gi-Oh Jill valentine Resident Evil
Like my personal stats, I think there is now more than 1.000 artists I sent a little message to ask if they do request or commissions and may participate to my blog. Only in hentaifoundry it’s more than 800 so if I add all other sites I use and my friends, I’m sure the 1.000th spam… Hum… Message was already sent… It’s a lot of work, a lot of time but I’m really happy with the result, thanks for all artists who participated (or will draw Rosalina) and of course everybody who come here. 190.000 pageview, it a great score… Thanks so much guys… (^o^)/

In this new drawing by elliking and commission by this so powerfull tallon90, there isn’t only a girl who make the show with Rosalina but 3 really awesome character showing there sexy body for a little latex contest… Who is your favorite character ?

For people who don’t reconize them, from the left the the right we have:
1 – Rosalina… Of course in her sexy biker outfit…
2 – Samus (easy) who already had some fun with Rosalina 4 times (see other drawings here)
3 – Aki Izayoi from Yu Gi Oh. I already have her with Rosalina in biker outfif by BadmanBastich commissioned by tallon90 (see the drawing here)
4 – Jill valentine from Resident Evil who meet Rosalina for the first time… I already have Ada wong from this game…

Congrat to elliking for this awesome pic… Latex clothes are so awesome so 4 at the same time, it’s just too must… And a huge thanks to tallon90 who commissioned this one for the blog… Hope to find more friends like you… (^o^)/

Little quote from elliking‘s description: ‘a commission i did of a few pretty girl trying to decide who looks best in there skin tight latex. vote?‘ So with one you choose ?

New wishlisted girl: Snow white from disney

#211 – Yu Gi Oh – Aki Izayoi

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian YuGiOh Aki Izayoi latex
I noticed than I often use “Though” instead of “Thought” and “Maybe” instead of “Tough”, at start I thought it’s a minor mistake but when I translate my old comments it’s “OMG… How people can understand me”… In fact it curious because I think people already understand me and they never told me when I make a mistake… I receive only a comment because my use of “Maybe” but that’s all… How you want I increase my english level is nobody say me when I’m wrong… Not easy… T_T

So this time it’s a new commission asked by tallon90 to BadmanBastich featuring Rosalina (of course) with Aki from the Yu Gi Oh 5D’s series… It’s an awesome gift than Tallon because I really love this drawing, I play Rosalina in Mario kart Wii (of course, again) and love her biker outfif, she look really sexy and lovely dress like that. That’s so bad there isn’t bikes in the 3DS… Bwaaaa…

It’s a long time than I wanted to ask Rosalina with this outfit; the problem is I always ask for requests due to my inexistant budget and always let the artist free draw what he want and have fun, so when tallon90 sent me the link of the new commission he asked for my blog… Just Wow… Sexy suit and sexy characters, Aki was already in my wishlist, so nice tallon90 chooen her… (^o^)/

BadmanBastich did an excellent job, after all it’s the artist who made this awesome pic, The only detail I’m sad is this drawing is a little to sexy for the soft blog… I know there isn’t anything explicit but a lot of people know the soft blog (really a lot) and it’s a little dangerous publish this one… Though what your opinion guys? Too explicit or not?

Artist: BadmanBastich / Cost: ??? (Gift by Tallon)

New wishlisted girl: Sara Bellum from Powerpuff Girl

#053 – YuGiOh – Dark Magicial Girl

 I think a lot know YoGiOh… And if you are a little pervert, it’s sure you already see this character… So it’s Dark Magician Girl, that’s a curious name because it’s not so hard to see it’s a girl… No?

I hope you enjoy this, The quality is really nice and girls have really expressive face, Rosalina like this is sooo exciting… Thanks to Mindshrieker for this awesome request…

Artist quote: ” To draw Rosalina with… well a character of my choice from a given list. So, being a bit of a YuGiOh-phile, I was obligated to choose Dark Magician Girl. HURRAY.

Just a last thing about the blog, there is a new page who come with the list of all existing characters and a link to see the drawing. Just need to find a short but nice name for this. ^^