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#545 – Some romance with Cynthia

Rosalina Nintendo lesbian yuri cynthia pokemon hentai
I saw Pixel movie recently, was kinda disapointed by the movie and can understand it have really bad feedback, so bad cause it have really cool parts, ideas and jokes. Also the more surprising was that guys in love with Lady Lisa from the video game Dojo Quest (1982) who was able to see his beloved girl become “real”. Must send some Rosalina stuff in space and wait until they send her… XD
Also chapter 1 of Rosalina’s Delivery Service is still in progress, just need the last page to be sketched but some have line already finished and cover is ready so can’t wait to see it. I’ll update the page soon with the cover to give you an idea but prever wait to be close to the publication before show some previews and promote it. Stay turned…


After somme illustrations with Rosalina enjoy Victoria Seras, Peach, Cynthia, Dark Magicial girl or Baby 5 compagny (See them here) it’s now time to talk about the so kind and talented War-Off-Evil who gave me the honor draw a so romantic and sensual duo pairing Rosalina and Cynthia from pokemon. If you take a look at his gallery you must see and impressive portofolio and several Rosalina illustrations (she always looks gorgeous with his style) but this time War-Off-Evil decided to draw Rosalina again for the blog… How powerfull… \(^o^)/
No use to explain what in this illustration Some sensual yuri action with so sexy lingerie (love lingerie so much), adding a Luma and Bidoof in the background for a cute and funny touch you can be sure War-Off-Evil made an awesome illustration. At first I was confused with Cynthia’s right hand, I thought the idea was the hand against Rosalina cheek but look curious cause Rosalina earring and War-Off-Evil said “>Cynthia is not holding the Rosalina’s head xD is a caress, or that is the idea at least“. That’s even more romantic… °w°
I hope you like this illustration as me guys, for sure War-Off-Evil really did a wonderfull job. Rosalina and Cynthia are so sweet and sensual, also both are in my top 10 favorite ladies so that’s always so powerfull see fanarts who those wonderfull girls. Once again thanks so much War-Off-Evil and guys don’t miss to visit his gallery, if you love sexy girls no doubt you will enjoy it.

Artist: War-Off-Evil / Cost: 29$ as commission

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Next to come: Sailor Venus and galaxy princess

#340 – Multiple – Crazy Party

nintendo mario princess rosalina sexy crossover uniform costume nurse cowgirl pokemon cynthia bunny bunnygirl demon
The pageview counter at the botton of the page in now close to 300.000 views… Damn, it’s a really nice score. The blog don’t have a lot a views since 2-3 months but I didn’t expected reach this a day… Thanks for stopped by guys I hope you enjoy the Rosalina x Girl project and take the time visit a little.

You can also let a little comment on a post, the chat and at the bottom of each page, it must be a great support… ^^

Well, I thought to create a little kiriban to celebrate the 300k viewer but I know nodoby take the time to read posts in general so nobody will know about this kiriban and I’m sure nobody will caugh it at the end. If you want to participate to the blog and win a drawing with Rosalina and your favorites fetishs in, take an eyes on the blog on september for the 2nd edition of Your dream by…


This time I’m glad to show you a really powerfull illustration with some of my favourite characters. Especially Cynthia (pokemon) and Seras (Hellsing) who are in my top 10. Not often I can show a foursome and also commission it. A huge thanks to the lovely and talented War-Off-Evil (don’t worry about his name, he’s not dangerous)… ^^

From the left to the right, there is Cynthia from pokemon as sexy nurse (this outfit suit amazing on her), 2nd is Rosalina as cowgirl (my favourite uniform with chaps), 3rd is Dark Magician girl from YoGiHo as bunny girl and the last is Seras Victoria from Hellsing as a sexy demon (though she’s already one)

Sincerely guys War-Off-Evil have an amazing style and really improved it since this commission done there is more than 2 month (Yeah, I really sorry for the late publication). You can see a recent drawing on the right with the now famous wiifit Trainer.

Prices are also really interesting, War-Off-Evil ask 100 deviantart points per character and for a comic it’s 60 points per vignette. If you take in consideration 400 points cost like 4$… Damn, 1$ per character… °w°

Back to Rosalina and her little friends. I love sexy outfits like uniforms, lingerie and high heels so I asked to War-Off-Evil to draw these girls wearing sexy disguises. I must admit I love the result, they are so beautifull and damn sexy… XD

At start I asked War-Off-Evil to draw Rosalina and Seras as owgirl and he suggested to add Cynthia and Dark Magician girl. Cynthia is my favorite girl from pokemon and dark magician girls is also really beautifull so it was finally a foursome… A damn powerfull one… (^o^)/

Artist: War-Off-Evil / Cost: 350 D.A. points