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#053 – YuGiOh – Dark Magicial Girl

 I think a lot know YoGiOh… And if you are a little pervert, it’s sure you already see this character… So it’s Dark Magician Girl, that’s a curious name because it’s not so hard to see it’s a girl… No?

I hope you enjoy this, The quality is really nice and girls have really expressive face, Rosalina like this is sooo exciting… Thanks to Mindshrieker for this awesome request…

Artist quote: ” To draw Rosalina with… well a character of my choice from a given list. So, being a bit of a YuGiOh-phile, I was obligated to choose Dark Magician Girl. HURRAY.

Just a last thing about the blog, there is a new page who come with the list of all existing characters and a link to see the drawing. Just need to find a short but nice name for this. ^^