#053 – YuGiOh – Dark Magicial Girl

 I think a lot know YoGiOh… And if you are a little pervert, it’s sure you already see this character… So it’s Dark Magician Girl, that’s a curious name because it’s not so hard to see it’s a girl… No?

I hope you enjoy this, The quality is really nice and girls have really expressive face, Rosalina like this is sooo exciting… Thanks to Mindshrieker for this awesome request…

Artist quote: ” To draw Rosalina with… well a character of my choice from a given list. So, being a bit of a YuGiOh-phile, I was obligated to choose Dark Magician Girl. HURRAY.

Just a last thing about the blog, there is a new page who come with the list of all existing characters and a link to see the drawing. Just need to find a short but nice name for this. ^^

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  1. Yukikah

    I think I’ve seen a similar image of Dark Magician Girl tribbing with someone, though it wasn’t Rosalina. Odd that it seems so familiar though… Well, not dwelling on the issue, I will say I remember absolutely adored that image, and this one is easily just as good.

    Absolutely everything done right here, and both characters have tremendous amounts of pleasure and sensuality painted in themselves. Makes me all tingly, kuu.


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