#054 – Mario – Bowser

I say… I say… This time it’s a very special drawing because Rosalina is not with a girl… So why it’s in a “Rosalina_x_girl” blog???

This drawing was a request and for this, the more important as me is the artist have pleasure make the drawing so he is free to choose the second character to show with Rosalina and for the situation, he can drawn what he love… And he want to drawn Bowser, but he maked this drawn for me, so I need to publish it here for the artist…

I see this drawing in Rule34 and it’s a little famous, so I’m sure a lot of you must love this one… So thanks so much to greyfox for this drawing… I say ” its prob half of what your lookin for ” but finaly this drawing was a nice surprise and have a really good quality…

Artist quote: ” Took a while but im happy with the result. Enjoy boys and girls.

Artist: Greyfox /  Price: Request

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