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#379 – Nintendo – Bowser (Yeah, so bad… U_u)

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It was a fun week-end with the Japan con but no internet since Friday and now I have so much to do. Not easy to find time to update the blog, I’m really sorry about that but I want to say that I will never lost interest for the blog.

If there i a long time without update it mean I have a problem but I will always love Rosalina and show how she’s amazing and beautifull… Oh yeah… (^o^)/


A really surprising drawing by the lovely Shonomi who accepted to contribute to the blog with an beautifull and lovely Rosalina, having some fun during her birthday party with her naughty pet B… WHY… BOWSER!!!

Yeah, Sometimes it happen, I do my best to let artist have fun and freedom with the illustration and sometimes Rosalina don’t mean a girl. In fact it’s not the first time it happened, it’s the third time that I received a Rosalina x Bowser (first here) (second here), she also meet an alien once (here). Interesting detail: I never received here with Mario. But that’s not really a problem… XD

If you wonder why I show the drawing here, there is two reason:
– I know that a drawing need a lot of time and Shonomi made this illustration for the blog so I have to show it. I know it’s curious to see Rosalina with a man (well, Not the best word to describe bowser and an alien) on a yuri site but can’t refuse it and let the artist with empty hands. Wont be fair.

– Ok, there is Bowser but there is also Rosalina and you must admit she’s gorgeous. Perfect body, sexy dress (with high heels), great pose and a lovely face. Damn, Shonomi drew a so powerfull and naughty Rosalina. Can’t stop looking at her and crying when I think what can make her dress wet… ^^

I’m sure you know I’m a little confused with this drawing Shonomi but I can’t disavow that you created an epic Rosalina, you really have an amazing style and design so I’m really happy that you contributed. A powerfull Rosalina with Bowser is always better than no Rosalina. I’ll be carefull next time but since you can draw her with your excellent style I must keep an eye on you Shonomi… °w°

Artist: Shonomi / Cost: 0$ (request)

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#105 – Mario – Bowser N°2

When I ask Rosalina with an other girl, artists often want to pair her with Peach… But when the artist really want to see Rosalina with a men, Bowser is pretty famous… And it’s the second time he rape Rosalina (see the other version with Bowser here)… So for a RosalinaxGirl blog, this pic look a little special but it’s not a bad thing to have something differents sometimes… so enjoy it and don’t hesitate to post a little comment… ^^

I’m a little sad to see this blog have a lot of views but for comments or the little vote below each post (love, like, dislike, hate)… There is nothing… Where are you guys? Fap fap fap, and nothing?… So bad… ;p

So for this post it’s a big thanks to HydroSchizo who make this pic as request… He have a pretty nice and interesting style, Rosalina and bowser like this look different, that’s curious because in my opinion, this bowser is more realistic but Rosalina look totally different than the original character, not cartoon style but something like this… Awesome drawing for my blog… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

And a little artist quote for the end, thanks again HydroSchizo

I know I’ve been asked to draw Rosalina-girl on girl action…
But I couldn’t quite find a fitting girl-mate for her or this is just a lame excuse for me to draw Bowser’s fuzzy eyebrows,plus I like rape… At any case I will re-do the request and add a girl next time

Artist: HydroSchizo /  Price: Request

#054 – Mario – Bowser

I say… I say… This time it’s a very special drawing because Rosalina is not with a girl… So why it’s in a “Rosalina_x_girl” blog???

This drawing was a request and for this, the more important as me is the artist have pleasure make the drawing so he is free to choose the second character to show with Rosalina and for the situation, he can drawn what he love… And he want to drawn Bowser, but he maked this drawn for me, so I need to publish it here for the artist…

I see this drawing in Rule34 and it’s a little famous, so I’m sure a lot of you must love this one… So thanks so much to greyfox for this drawing… I say ” its prob half of what your lookin for ” but finaly this drawing was a nice surprise and have a really good quality…

Artist quote: ” Took a while but im happy with the result. Enjoy boys and girls.

Artist: Greyfox /  Price: Request