#105 – Mario – Bowser N°2

When I ask Rosalina with an other girl, artists often want to pair her with Peach… But when the artist really want to see Rosalina with a men, Bowser is pretty famous… And it’s the second time he rape Rosalina (see the other version with Bowser here)… So for a RosalinaxGirl blog, this pic look a little special but it’s not a bad thing to have something differents sometimes… so enjoy it and don’t hesitate to post a little comment… ^^

I’m a little sad to see this blog have a lot of views but for comments or the little vote below each post (love, like, dislike, hate)… There is nothing… Where are you guys? Fap fap fap, and nothing?… So bad… ;p

So for this post it’s a big thanks to HydroSchizo who make this pic as request… He have a pretty nice and interesting style, Rosalina and bowser like this look different, that’s curious because in my opinion, this bowser is more realistic but Rosalina look totally different than the original character, not cartoon style but something like this… Awesome drawing for my blog… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

And a little artist quote for the end, thanks again HydroSchizo

I know I’ve been asked to draw Rosalina-girl on girl action…
But I couldn’t quite find a fitting girl-mate for her or this is just a lame excuse for me to draw Bowser’s fuzzy eyebrows,plus I like rape… At any case I will re-do the request and add a girl next time

Artist: HydroSchizo /  Price: Request

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