#126 – Mario – Daisy N°2

 When artists accepts requests for my blog, they often choose to show Peach with Rosalina now I try to suggest other character and it’s Daisy who is often submit… Rosalina is from Nintendo and it’s often Nintendo character who are suggested… I understand it’s not easy to drawn a crossover with character really differents but I must do my best to show Rosalina with a lot of other girls. Like that, in every search we must find Rosalina, discover Rosalina and love Rosalina (but not enought as me or I’ll be jealous)… XD

So this new drawing was a commission from Gers. I ask him this drawing when I see he do 5$ oral commissions, but at start it must be a girl (only the bust) and a guy (only the… You know)… I ask for two girls and fullbody so there is some extra cost but like the result and price, I’m really happy with this drawing… Just a little sad cause I asked for high heels but nothing… So I don”t think it’s the more important… Just enjoy… ^^

I love Rosalina like this, she have a specific hair style but every artist drawn her with their own style so every time she look different, and interesting… That’s why I ask requests or commission to a lot of artists, to have a lot of Rosalina but see her with a lot of differents style… And that’s so nice to see a lot of pics in the blog… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Artist: Gers /  Price: 11$

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