#107 – OC – Alien friend

Cause I’m really late, there is two publications today… And I’m happy to show you a new Original character with Rosalina… This girl don’t have name in fact, but like the artist description: Now, Rosa’s going to have some fun with that tentacle-armed futa chick…I live quotes, it’s so easy and better to explain like my english level ( When I’m tired, I’m pretty hilarious)… ^^

Thanks so much for The Joker who accepted my request. He have a pretty nice style but Hentaifoundry often refused his drawing so for the moment, there is only one in his gallerie, but he do a lot of pretty nice pics so if you want more don”t hesitate to take a look to his blog: http://hentaiemporium.blogspot.com/

I hope you will continue drawn for increase your style Joker and come back to hentaifoundry publish your stuff… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: Hentaiemporium /  Price:Request

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