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#145 – OC – Alien

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If you take a look to the right you can see the list of popular posts, Maybe I was surprise see Stella in the second place. I see in the statistique page what people are looking for google to find my blog and the result is pretty funny… 1st: winx club hentai, 2nd: avatar katara, 3rd: peach x rosalina… Maybe I have already some views because League of legends characters, Akali nurse is pretty famous… ^^

So today it’s an alien who have some fun with Rosalina, that’s curious say that like the character but I think it’s right… At start I was a little disappointed don”t have an other girl with Rosalina, after two pics with Bowser now it’s an alien (who’s next) but for request I let the artist totally free, the more important is Rosalina and she’s here… Maybe Grey_Phantom have a really nice style so girl or not, the result is really nice and the quality of the pic is awesome, for the alien it’s “wow” but the best part is Rosalina (of course), she’s really hot having anal sex in this situation but her face is sooooo cute… thanks so much Grey_Phantom for this drawing, you’re so nice… (^o^)/

Generally I prefer full color pic but I love this style too, It look more detailed than a colored drawing, I often see some sketchs with a lot details but during the color, we miss a lot…. I don’t say it’s everytime but with some commission with Rosalina, the artist delete some details from the sketch because it’s not easy color it… That’s why I always publish sketchs when I can… ^^

Last thing, Grey_Phantom say “A little sketch to practice the character’s face”… So I’m curious if he talk about just Rosalina or the Alien too. But the result is really nice and that the more important, Hope it was fun to draw Grey_Phantom and Hope you like it guys…

Artist: Grey_Phantom / Price: Request

#107 – OC – Alien friend

Cause I’m really late, there is two publications today… And I’m happy to show you a new Original character with Rosalina… This girl don’t have name in fact, but like the artist description: Now, Rosa’s going to have some fun with that tentacle-armed futa chick…I live quotes, it’s so easy and better to explain like my english level ( When I’m tired, I’m pretty hilarious)… ^^

Thanks so much for The Joker who accepted my request. He have a pretty nice style but Hentaifoundry often refused his drawing so for the moment, there is only one in his gallerie, but he do a lot of pretty nice pics so if you want more don”t hesitate to take a look to his blog: http://hentaiemporium.blogspot.com/

I hope you will continue drawn for increase your style Joker and come back to hentaifoundry publish your stuff… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: Hentaiemporium /  Price:Request