#055 – Rosalina double futa

I really want to show these drawings here instead of the other page, they wasn’t created for the blog but are really interesting and so beautifull… You must see it… ^^
At start, it was a lineart commission of a double-cocked futa Princess Rosalina showing Princess Daisy and Peach who’s boss and in the description, the artist say ” Feel free to color this as you see fit “. The drawing was quite popular because 3 artists accept to color it, that’s why there is multiple versions about it… And all are sooo nice… (^o^)/

So there is the original drawing by Aeolus. Rosalina as futa have sex with Peach and Daisy. Not use to see more, all is in the drawing… XD

Original drawing: hentai-foundry.com/pic-123934


 The first artist who publish a colored version is Red-Herring who say he’s a fan of Aeolus drawings and jumped at the chance since Aeolus encouraged anyone to color it. There isn’t background in this version and it’s the more simple as colors but he work… That’s nice…

 Original drawing: .hentai-foundry.com/pic-124012

Second colored version publish by dimsumboy22. Really look to Red-Herring pic with a little better quality as me but it’s just for this drawing, the two artist have really nice pics so don’t hesitate to show their galleries… Colors for Rosalina and Daisy clothes are like the previous drawing, it’s just peach who have pink garterbelts in reference to her original dress. Other nice part, the background look to a Mario bros. game… ^^
Original drawing: hentai-foundry.com/pic-124058

There is a french proverb who say “Never two without three” and it work… See the third and last colored version by Donovan. This one look really different and a little more dark with orange hairs for Peach and Daisy who is really really bronzed. Just Rosalina is like the original but like this it look different and more original so it’s wasn’t a bad think, like this the 3 versions are really differents…

Original drawing: hentai-foundry.com/pic-124101

Congratulation to the four artist and thanks to the commissioner who ask the original drawing… ^^

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