#052 – Bayonetta – Bayonetta

New artist… New drawing… New character… But always Rosalina… Oh yeah… XD

So this time it’s a commission by a french artist for a french Rosalina lover (easy to talk about the drawing… XD)… So I think a lot know Bayonetta a really sexy and dangerous character… I never play the game but she look to be really sexy in game, so all fanarts about her are pretty nice… ;p

I forgot one thing about the artist, it’s Krakensan and she do really nice commissions, don”t hesaitate to take a look if you are interesting…

Last thing, I don’t say if the artist allow me to talk about the reason but she will drawn a new Rosalina drawing… And I can just tell you it will be really hard… ;p

Artist: Krakensan  /  Price: 15$

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