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#173 – Bayonetta – N°2

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Now I have a job, so a little more money, but for the moment it’s more to buy a car than commission… So bad to be poor… Maybe I’m really happy see some people like my blog and support it, not a lot of comments here or in HentaiFoundry but it’s a great support… Maybe for some people I’m the biggest fan of Rosalina in HentaiFoundry… Nice start but I want to reach the “world” level… Let’s go… XD

So this new drawing is I commission I asked since a long time, if I remember it was in september 2011 so I totally forget this one until m-mgaiaperv send me on May a note on Deviantart saying ‘Done‘… It was a great surprise, bayonetta is such an awesome and really sexy character, I’m happy m-mgaiaperv don’t forget me… Maybe it’s better for a pay commission and it’s better late than never… But this time it was really late, like me to publish  drawings on the blog in fact… XD

This pic is great, Rosalina is so hot like this and I love Bayonetta face, she look so cute and expressive like this… Nice girls, high heels and suggestive situation… It’s an awesome pic, just think m-mgaiaperv drew shadow a little two dark on Bayonetta hand or body but with the background this result isn’t so bad, the backgrounf is simple but it’s really better than nothing and just white screen… ^^

Last thing, I see m-mgaiaperv need money for a new tablet and do cash commissions at a really great price… As example a colored drawing cost 10$ +2$ for additionnal character… So a drawing like this is like 12$… Really interesting… Sincerely I’ll ask to m-mgaiaperv a new commission and if you are interested too, check a look to his Deviantart page (click here).

Artist: m-mgaiaperv / Price: Gift
Deviantart: http://mmgpeve.deviantart.com/
HentaiFoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-m-mgaiaperv

New wishlisted girl: Nastasha Zabigov from Gundam

#052 – Bayonetta – Bayonetta

New artist… New drawing… New character… But always Rosalina… Oh yeah… XD

So this time it’s a commission by a french artist for a french Rosalina lover (easy to talk about the drawing… XD)… So I think a lot know Bayonetta a really sexy and dangerous character… I never play the game but she look to be really sexy in game, so all fanarts about her are pretty nice… ;p

I forgot one thing about the artist, it’s Krakensan and she do really nice commissions, don”t hesaitate to take a look if you are interesting…

Last thing, I don’t say if the artist allow me to talk about the reason but she will drawn a new Rosalina drawing… And I can just tell you it will be really hard… ;p

Artist: Krakensan  /  Price: 15$