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#247 – Christmas clones…


Sorry for the late post everybody, you can understand I was pretty busy like this little story gift by the awesome tallon90 (and draw by the incredible artist BadmanBastich)… If only I can have something like this under my christmas tree… It must be awesome… XD

So there is a little two pages story asked by my friend tallon90 who is also one of the best contributor with Merethide. Tallon said me he planned something for christmas so I expected a cute Rosalina saying “Merry christmas” to everybody so at start I was a little surprised with the first page… Why tallon90; why a clone machine and why Rosalina need to enter in bikini since her clones are naked… But with the second page… Seriously… It was just awesome… As a huge fan of lingerie and uniform you can be sure all these Rosalina  wishing me a merry christmas… I love it… Thanks so much tallon90… (^o^)/

And of course I don”t forget who drew it… You did an amazign job BadmanBastich, I love how you draw Dr Tallon and of course these damn beautifull and Sexy Rosalina… That’s amazing… ^^

Artist: BadmanBastich  /  Cost: ??? (Gift by Tallon)

#211 – Yu Gi Oh – Aki Izayoi

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian YuGiOh Aki Izayoi latex
I noticed than I often use “Though” instead of “Thought” and “Maybe” instead of “Tough”, at start I thought it’s a minor mistake but when I translate my old comments it’s “OMG… How people can understand me”… In fact it curious because I think people already understand me and they never told me when I make a mistake… I receive only a comment because my use of “Maybe” but that’s all… How you want I increase my english level is nobody say me when I’m wrong… Not easy… T_T

So this time it’s a new commission asked by tallon90 to BadmanBastich featuring Rosalina (of course) with Aki from the Yu Gi Oh 5D’s series… It’s an awesome gift than Tallon because I really love this drawing, I play Rosalina in Mario kart Wii (of course, again) and love her biker outfif, she look really sexy and lovely dress like that. That’s so bad there isn’t bikes in the 3DS… Bwaaaa…

It’s a long time than I wanted to ask Rosalina with this outfit; the problem is I always ask for requests due to my inexistant budget and always let the artist free draw what he want and have fun, so when tallon90 sent me the link of the new commission he asked for my blog… Just Wow… Sexy suit and sexy characters, Aki was already in my wishlist, so nice tallon90 chooen her… (^o^)/

BadmanBastich did an excellent job, after all it’s the artist who made this awesome pic, The only detail I’m sad is this drawing is a little to sexy for the soft blog… I know there isn’t anything explicit but a lot of people know the soft blog (really a lot) and it’s a little dangerous publish this one… Though what your opinion guys? Too explicit or not?

Artist: BadmanBastich / Cost: ??? (Gift by Tallon)

New wishlisted girl: Sara Bellum from Powerpuff Girl

#071 – Darkstalkers – Morrigan

nintendo mario princess rosalina Darkstalkers Morrigan crossover lesvian yuri hentai porn
New pic with the sexiest darkstalkers character: Morrigan. It was a commission drawn by BadmanBastich. Due to my budget, it not a colored drawing but he have a pretty nice level with grey tones so I’m really happy with the result…

I decided to ask BadmanBastich a commission because I see an incredible pic in his gallery (Ice Cream) and think a messy drawing with Rosalina must be awesome… I already liked messy but for style like this I prefer find an artist who can be good with that and for messy, I found one incredible…

So it’s Rosalina and Morrigan in a little bit of a sticky situation at the dinner table (artist quote… so easy… ^^) an other particularity, Rosalina using a reversed stool as dildo… This is a little special because it’s not the first time I asked Rosalina using stool like this but due to my english level, it’s was really hard to give a good description to the artist and we stopped the idea every time… I first I don”t really know why this idea but I find after this commission an old drawing in my hentai archive and don”t use to say more… Easy to understand… ^^

So don”t hesitate to take a look to the other versions… We choose this one for have a better quality and I prefer the stool in this position than she other sketch you can see beside…