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#522 – Demon Lilith is here (and naughty)

Just noticed that the blog reached 600k view (606k now) since I created it. I wont say it’s a powerfull score but compared to my little (stupid) blogs I made when young; I czn’t deny it wasn’t this level. Now I must continue and hope be able to see 1.000k a day, will be so incredible but I think there is some time before it happen… XD
And once again I edited my budget rules (seem changes and edits will be endless) and new rules are more rudes so it goes down even more… Looked for some way to make money in the blog instead of those ads who give me like 0.01$ per week. The best is Adsence but and it don’t work with adult blogs… Raaaah…


Now after a naughty Draenei (here), some anal play with Erin Esurance (here) and that wonderfull comic with Elsa (here), the talented Zyvo is back with a new wonderfull illustration featuring Rosalina and Lilith Aensland from Darkstalker. This pose remember me a little the illustration with Erin I commissioned to Zyvo but really love it and not the same kind of play after all, I hope you like it guys.
Zyvo opened free requests and gave me the honor to accept mine. In fact since the more important as me is the artist have fun and freedom, I only asked for a (kinky) duo with Rosalina and it’s Zyvo who decided to pick Lilith. After Felicia and Morrigan there is now a new lady from this series with Rosalina… How powerfull… \(^o^)/
I must admit I only know Darkstalker characters from fanarts I saw and like the original character, not easy draw them without a sexy touch (but I saw adorable illustrations too). Really love Lilith face on this piece, it a great detail and as fan of high heels the pose is also excellent. At start I was surprised by Rosalina eye and asked to Zyvo “why this green eye”, answer is simple cause Rosalina have it closed and we only see the makeup in reference to her dress. Must admit I feel so stupid after that but I know the truth.
Once again, thanks so much for your kindness and this wonderfull piece Zyvo. He have a really amazing style and put so much efforts on his illustration but lately, my budget don’t allow this kind of commissions from him, that’s so stupid cause I really want him to participate again, after all he have some experience with Rosalina and no doubt he can make her looks wonderfull. Now if you are curious, feel free to visit his profile on Hentaifoundry (here), so much amazing illustrations and why not commission him to see your dreams come true.

Artist: Zyvo / Cost: 0$ (Request)

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#316bis – Darkstalker – Felicia N°2

nintendo mario princess rosalina sexy Darkstalker lingerie Felicia
That’s fun because in general it’s really hard to have like 2-3 votes in a post (yeah, there is a little pool at the end of each one) and the Rosalina x Peach received 25 votes… 2 “like” and 23 “dislike”…

Sincerely it’s impossible than 23 people voted, guys come her to fap and taht’s all so I’m curious who is comming regulary for his little vote. After all it’s a great thing, I have more visits. thanks for your “support”… XD

And thanks to the anonymous who told me the difference into “that” and than”. I often used “than” instead of “that” and I understand it can be a little confusing. I’ll do my best don’t do this error again but don’t hesitate to give me your feedback with a little comment but not use to be agressive… ;p


Now time for a new participant of the Rosalina x Girl contest who happened there is a month. Codynn is the 4th participant and won the honnorable mention with AdultAnonymous admins votes. There is still 10 illustrations waiting for their own publication after this one… Not the moment to be lazy but guys… It’s summer… XD

The contest is now over so it’s time to say the truth Codynn. In fact she didn’t made this piece for the contest, it was a request she had the kindness to accept and as you can see she did an amazing job with this drawing. After hear about the contest, Codynn really wanted to participate so instead of draw Rosalina again we decided to cheat a little and she submited ths piece as entry. It as a great idea because she finally won a prizee… Good job… ^^

Interesting detail, only two drawings submitted to the contest are not digital. For a lot of people traditionnal art is not so powerfull as digital but if you have friends who only draw with pencils and copics you must know than traditionnal art have something magic and I’m glad Codynn reach a great place…°w°

May I forgot to talk about the sencond girl… Well… I’m sure (and hope) everybody here reconize Felicia from the Darkstalker series that Codynn decided to pair with Rosalina. I already commissioned this pairing there is a looonnng time to FoxxLovFenhir (see it here or click the image on the right). Generally I prefer when Rosalina meet new girls to complete the collection but Felicia is really amazing and I’m glad Codynn let Rosalina have some fun with her again… They look so beautifull, so tender and lovely together but also really sexy… Girls is lingerie as gorgeous… (^o^)/

Don’t think it’s usefull to say more about Rosalina and Felicia, I hope you like this drawing guys and don’t hesitate to take a look to Codynn profile and gallery for more lovely and also really sexy girls. Codynn is from Belgium so if you don’t understand French there is a few funny pieces than you can’t enjoy… But don’t worry, it’s really a few…

Artist: Codynn / Cost: special (contest)

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#261 – Darkstalkers – Felicia

There isn’t a lot of people who post comments here, thanks for those who take the time write some lovely lines but sincerely what do you think about add a little chat guys? I saw something like this in other sites and blogs and sincerely I think it must be interesting to try… So for the moment I’m more for the html code of the wishlist but I may add something before the end of the week… Why not try… ^^

Today it’s an old drawing still finished in November 2011, I know it was a really long time but at start I wans’t really happy with the result and FoxxLovFenhir said she will “wait out the year and make a new version” but nothing happend and it’s really hard to talk with her, I hope you are fine FoxxLovFenhir, maybe busy but fine…

I’m sure a lot of people here know Felicia from Darkstalkers, sincerely I never played this game but this character look really beautifull and powerfull so she have a lot of great (ans sometimes pretty sexy) fanarts… And it was a long time I wanted to see her with Rosalina, when I created the Rosalina x girl project I created a little wishlist with 50 characters (now there is more than 350) and Felicia was in this one… It was curious when I found this old wishlist before prepare the post, there is a lot of memories in this one… °w°

So FoxxLovFenhir suggested some situation and one with “felicia eating, licking and squeezing Rosalina, she can use her tail to penetrate it“, I thought the idea was really powerfull and can make an epic drawing with Rosalina so I chosen this situation. When FoxxLovFenhir sent me the first sketch, this one was just amazing and I’m really happy how it turned, the little problem was for the coloration step, I thought there is some parts of Rosalina lingerie who look a little special, so bad FoxxLovFenhir didn’t used the color or her bra as reference for thighhighs and gloves… I think without background there is too much white on the drawing…

FoxxLovFenhir was really sad saying she “lost this commission ;_; snif“, Sincerely I’m not happy hear that and you must know I love this pic, without this bad feedback for the coloration this drawing is one of the hotest Rosalina I have and also your drawing is in my “favorite folder”… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: FoxxLovFenhir / Cost: 15$

Wishlist: Pokemon girls come back… (^o^)/

#071 – Darkstalkers – Morrigan

nintendo mario princess rosalina Darkstalkers Morrigan crossover lesvian yuri hentai porn
New pic with the sexiest darkstalkers character: Morrigan. It was a commission drawn by BadmanBastich. Due to my budget, it not a colored drawing but he have a pretty nice level with grey tones so I’m really happy with the result…

I decided to ask BadmanBastich a commission because I see an incredible pic in his gallery (Ice Cream) and think a messy drawing with Rosalina must be awesome… I already liked messy but for style like this I prefer find an artist who can be good with that and for messy, I found one incredible…

So it’s Rosalina and Morrigan in a little bit of a sticky situation at the dinner table (artist quote… so easy… ^^) an other particularity, Rosalina using a reversed stool as dildo… This is a little special because it’s not the first time I asked Rosalina using stool like this but due to my english level, it’s was really hard to give a good description to the artist and we stopped the idea every time… I first I don”t really know why this idea but I find after this commission an old drawing in my hentai archive and don”t use to say more… Easy to understand… ^^

So don”t hesitate to take a look to the other versions… We choose this one for have a better quality and I prefer the stool in this position than she other sketch you can see beside…