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That’s fun because in general it’s really hard to have like 2-3 votes in a post (yeah, there is a little pool at the end of each one) and the Rosalina x Peach received 25 votes… 2 “like” and 23 “dislike”…

Sincerely it’s impossible than 23 people voted, guys come her to fap and taht’s all so I’m curious who is comming regulary for his little vote. After all it’s a great thing, I have more visits. thanks for your “support”… XD

And thanks to the anonymous who told me the difference into “that” and than”. I often used “than” instead of “that” and I understand it can be a little confusing. I’ll do my best don’t do this error again but don’t hesitate to give me your feedback with a little comment but not use to be agressive… ;p


Now time for a new participant of the Rosalina x Girl contest who happened there is a month. Codynn is the 4th participant and won the honnorable mention with AdultAnonymous admins votes. There is still 10 illustrations waiting for their own publication after this one… Not the moment to be lazy but guys… It’s summer… XD

The contest is now over so it’s time to say the truth Codynn. In fact she didn’t made this piece for the contest, it was a request she had the kindness to accept and as you can see she did an amazing job with this drawing. After hear about the contest, Codynn really wanted to participate so instead of draw Rosalina again we decided to cheat a little and she submited ths piece as entry. It as a great idea because she finally won a prizee… Good job… ^^

Interesting detail, only two drawings submitted to the contest are not digital. For a lot of people traditionnal art is not so powerfull as digital but if you have friends who only draw with pencils and copics you must know than traditionnal art have something magic and I’m glad Codynn reach a great place…°w°

May I forgot to talk about the sencond girl… Well… I’m sure (and hope) everybody here reconize Felicia from the Darkstalker series that Codynn decided to pair with Rosalina. I already commissioned this pairing there is a looonnng time to FoxxLovFenhir (see it here or click the image on the right). Generally I prefer when Rosalina meet new girls to complete the collection but Felicia is really amazing and I’m glad Codynn let Rosalina have some fun with her again… They look so beautifull, so tender and lovely together but also really sexy… Girls is lingerie as gorgeous… (^o^)/

Don’t think it’s usefull to say more about Rosalina and Felicia, I hope you like this drawing guys and don’t hesitate to take a look to Codynn profile and gallery for more lovely and also really sexy girls. Codynn is from Belgium so if you don’t understand French there is a few funny pieces than you can’t enjoy… But don’t worry, it’s really a few…

Artist: Codynn / Cost: special (contest)

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  1. Cane751

    The Good (Paysite):
    When you join a paysite you have access to the gallery, and weekly updates. If I see something I like it’s uncensored, and don’t need to pay additional money for it. When I commission an artist on the paysite, other members can see my finished commission. Every once in a while the artist releases paysite material to the public.

    The Bad (Endoh):
    If I commission Endoh for an art piece that involves sex/penetration, that means my finished commission would be censored from everybody else… but if others wanna see that/my commission they’ll have to pay the artist additional money for it. *smh*

    Paysite > Endoh

    I still agree with the people who say “The Rosalina gangbang should be release.” Seriously, nobody likes censors in their porn. xD Just do one free unexclusive request only for those who paid for it in the beginning. That way they don’t feel like they paid for nothin’ It’s funny how the artist is talking about “fairness” on his journal. On this blog you said you can ask him for a “special price”. That means you got a special price for it. Umm, okay, but what about those who paid the full price? Do they get refunds? “Fairness” huh? I like Endoh’s work, but I’m smart enough to know not to let his tactics eat a hole in my wallet.

    As I said before in my other message on this blog:
    “This image is popular.”

    Just because you have 25 votes on an image that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll also have 25 comments from people as well and vice versa. Most people nowadays who view something… they’ll just vote (sometimes not) and leave without saying a word. It happens on youtube videos and other sites all the time. Look at the high like count on the pictures uploaded here for example:



    ^It has 350+ and 620+ likes… yet I don’t see 350+ and 620+ comments on both images. Many people hate snaking Now look at the dislikes on this video:


    My point is: One person can’t vote like that alone. You must understand this: More than one person visits your blog. Dislikes don’t count as “support”, it never does. In fact, it can put an even bigger dent in Endoh’s reputation, and prevent future would-be commissioners. They’ll most likely end up looking for another artist. Just think if you had posted the uncensored version in the beginning. It probably would’ve had more likes than anything else here on your blog. xD

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      No you’re wrong, censored pieces from Endoh are not commissions, He drew these especially to sell them. If you buy him a commission he will show the uncensored version of course.

    2. Reese

      “No you’re wrong, censored pieces from Endoh are not commissions, He drew these especially to sell them.”

      No, you’re wrong. Where did he mention Endoh’s censored pieces are commissions? No where. He’s talking about the clear differences between paysites and Endoh.

      “If I commission Endoh for an art piece that involves sex/penetration, that means my finished commission would be censored from everybody else…”

      He’s right about that because you can’t post pornography on DeviantART.

    3. Rosalina x Girl

      Maybe censored piece on Deviantart, but the uncensored version will be show on Hentaifoundry in this case.

  2. Rosalina x Girl

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