#336 – Nintendo – Peach N°24

nintendo mario princess rosalina Peach
I know it was a long time since my last update on the soft blog and I’m really sorry about that. You can be sure I wont let the blog die and always thing to new ideas and projects but the main problem is to find artists… I hope the blog will give more interest at a moment but I have to continue increase it and make the Rosalina x Girl project more powerfull… ^^

By the way, about projects, my last idea was “Rosalina x Pokemon” where Rosalina will meet pokemon girls but not true pokemon, it will be gijinkas or humanised form depending of the pokemon. As example for Gardevoir (Rosalina pokemon clone) that you can see on the right, not use to create a gijinka. Her original form adding a little humanization and she’s really close to a normal (and really lovely) girl.


Today Rosalina and Peach spend (again) some time together and decided ‘to paint the castle in blue, it seems fun! And Rosy finds a moment to make a little prank, on Peachy’s nose‘. I sure everybody know who choosed the color and it’s a huge than to soma011 for this so beautifull and lovely piece. I hope you like it guys… °w°

I asked to soma011 if he may have some interest to draw Rosalina and he accepted saying “I have an half idea, maybe a classic with Peach”. I was really curious with the result and was sure like soma011 art that if must be a really powerfull piece but this drawing was a great surprise, It’s a funny and adorable piece, thansk so much… (^o^)/

If you love Roslaina you must take a look to soma011‘s gallery, there is so much beautifull illustrations and other greats pieces with Rosalina. By the way the last he published is a lovely rosalina maid commissioned to celebrate as birthday gift and she’s so pretty, I must admit this maid uniform suit really nice on her… Continue on that way soma011, you’re a really amazing artist…

Artist: soma011 / Cost: special (Commission)

Added to wishlist: Mavis from Hotel Transilvania (see it here)

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