#335 – Solo – Take a sit

Why people are so unfair when they are angry? There is a lot of comment in the Roslaina and Peach by Endoh69, more than all the rest of the blog and why??? Because people are not happy than there is an amazing piece of Rosalina than you must buy the uncensored version to Endoh69.

People join pay site and say it’s amazing but with  Endoh69 it can’t work and he must share the full version for free, I missed you guys… And last thing, if you dislike the fact than you must buy the full version that’s understandable… But that’s a reason downvote the post guys???


Didn’t create the blog for this kind of conflic. That’s past and past don’t interest me. Now turn us to the futur and the futur it’s all drawings coming… All these Rosalina illustration to show and all these artists who will participate… Welcome to the Rosalina x girl project… (^o^)/

Now it time to enjoy a new drawing I commissioned to the talented and lovely elwinne, a simple, beautifull, lovely and damn sexy Rosalina. It was a long time I wanted to ask a quick commission to elwinne, never have the budget but for Rosalina, not easy to resit and there is the result, I hope you like it guys… °w°

If you are curious about quick commission from elwinne, you can find more infos here or the idea is to allow people who can’t afford a regular commission more expensive to have something drew with her style. You can choose the girl you want and ‘3 things you want in the picture, small things or actions:(sexy underwear, vibrator, tongue sticking out )‘ but elwinne have the decision for style, pose, coloring style and background.

In fact I didn’t saw completely these rules when I send my idea to elwinne asking for Rosalina in lingerie and high heels sit on a chair. I added a photo as reference for the pose, I saw so much picture like this and really wanted Rosalina in that situation but as I said before I can’t request for the pose. I sent an other mail saying ‘I just want a sexy Rosalina in lingerie and high heels… Maybe a little toy and pervert smile but that’s all…‘.

I was curious ho will be the final drawing and what elwinne will imagine for Rosalina. I think everybody can expect how the final piece was an amazing surprise, no high heels because elwinne can choose if it will be a full body or 3/4 body but I have my sexy Rosalina in lingerie sit on the chair… Thanks so much for your kindness… (^o^)/

Guys, don’t hesitate to take a look to elwinne gallery for a lot of amazing pieces (she published more than 120 pictures) and maybe why not commission her. As you can see a quick commission is really beautifull, a nice style with a little touch of mystery and surprise… Thant’s really powerfull… °w°

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Added to wishlist: Mavis from hotel transylvania (see it here)


  1. Anonymous

    Really nice how Rosalina only has one leg in this picture.

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Ironic comments is perfect for an anonymous but I can’t say you are wrong, if she have the two legs in the same position that would be logical it must be impossible don’t see it. After notice it the drawing isn’t so powerfull but Rosalina is still the more beautifull and cuttest princess in the world… Oh yeah…


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