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#261 – Darkstalkers – Felicia

There isn’t a lot of people who post comments here, thanks for those who take the time write some lovely lines but sincerely what do you think about add a little chat guys? I saw something like this in other sites and blogs and sincerely I think it must be interesting to try… So for the moment I’m more for the html code of the wishlist but I may add something before the end of the week… Why not try… ^^

Today it’s an old drawing still finished in November 2011, I know it was a really long time but at start I wans’t really happy with the result and FoxxLovFenhir said she will “wait out the year and make a new version” but nothing happend and it’s really hard to talk with her, I hope you are fine FoxxLovFenhir, maybe busy but fine…

I’m sure a lot of people here know Felicia from Darkstalkers, sincerely I never played this game but this character look really beautifull and powerfull so she have a lot of great (ans sometimes pretty sexy) fanarts… And it was a long time I wanted to see her with Rosalina, when I created the Rosalina x girl project I created a little wishlist with 50 characters (now there is more than 350) and Felicia was in this one… It was curious when I found this old wishlist before prepare the post, there is a lot of memories in this one… °w°

So FoxxLovFenhir suggested some situation and one with “felicia eating, licking and squeezing Rosalina, she can use her tail to penetrate it“, I thought the idea was really powerfull and can make an epic drawing with Rosalina so I chosen this situation. When FoxxLovFenhir sent me the first sketch, this one was just amazing and I’m really happy how it turned, the little problem was for the coloration step, I thought there is some parts of Rosalina lingerie who look a little special, so bad FoxxLovFenhir didn’t used the color or her bra as reference for thighhighs and gloves… I think without background there is too much white on the drawing…

FoxxLovFenhir was really sad saying she “lost this commission ;_; snif“, Sincerely I’m not happy hear that and you must know I love this pic, without this bad feedback for the coloration this drawing is one of the hotest Rosalina I have and also your drawing is in my “favorite folder”… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: FoxxLovFenhir / Cost: 15$

Wishlist: Pokemon girls come back… (^o^)/